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speaking of bukowski


i’ll be honest with you, i haven’t read a ton of charles bukowski, but what i have read i have enjoyed.  one of my favorite poems of all time is “the laughing heart.”  i have a copy on my phone, beside my desk, and on my refrigerator.  i’ve memorized half of it (i should probably know the whole thing by now, but memorization is not my strong suit).  if you haven’t read it, please read it a couple of times today, tomorrow and maybe the next day. oh, and check out this excellent levi’s commercial from 2011.  time to start living or at least remember how to.

dating again

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 8.38.53 PM

2012 was a rough year.  my divorce was finalized last august and for the most part i’ve been avoiding dating ever since.  i was only married for two years, but it’s hard to say goodbye to anyone you’ve been with no matter the circumstances.

if you’ve ever been single during the holidays, then you know how lonely it can be.  in december, a good girl friend of mine said, “why don’t you just sign up for match and get it over with.”  this felt like a dare, so i did it, and what a long, strange trip it’s been.

the whole concept of internet dating is weird to me.  it’s like fishing for people where you’re the angler and the bait at the same time.  you fill out a profile, put up a couple of pictures, pay some money, and wait for the line to start moving.  you just hope you have the right bait. Continue reading

my christmas list


we still make christmas lists in my family.  (how else are people supposed to know what to get you.)  i had a hard time coming up with a list this year.  i have everything i need and want in the world, so it came down to a few things that i’ve been hesitant about buying and a few things i could always use.  here it is in no particular order:

fjallraven greenland jacket: i can’t figure out why i don’t have this jacket yet

ipad mini: i have the ipad 2, but i’m ready to ditch it for something a little smaller.

ebbet’s field flannel twill ballcap: i bought a red one this summer and love it.  i need another one to add to the rotation.

camp socks: they will keep your feet warm in the colder months.

jawbone jambox wireless speakers: best bluetooth speakers on the market.

glenn o’brien’s book how to be a man: i’m a big fan of the style guy, but haven’t read his book yet.  shame on me.

patagonia kleen kanteen: we went green at work.  no more bottles of water.

ledbury shirts: i want them all.

titleist velocity golfballs: i should probably be playing pro v1s, but i really like these.

dog bones: it’s christmas for riley too.

pretzel m&m’s: my weakness.


the night i met pete townshend


last night i had the good fortune of meeting one of my rock and roll heroes: pete townshend.  he didn’t disappoint.  he spoke to us for a couple of minutes and couldn’t have been any nicer.  being the observant blogger that i am, i noticed his choice of footwear.  he was rocking a pair of burgundy longwings.  i would almost bet my life (the who reference) that they were color 8 cordovan alden longwings, but i wasn’t about to ask or out myself as man that checks out other men’s footwear.

the who played quadrophenia in it’s entirety.  it was truly an unforgettable evening.  pete f**king townshend.  i still can’t believe it.  big thanks to the two gentleman that hooked it up.

here’s an oldie, but goodie of pete and paul weller.  i guess i side with the mods.  can you blame me?  they were much better dressers.

pete townshend

birthday loot

i turned 31 yesterday.  it was one of the best birthdays i can remember.  i had low-key celebration last night with my family who must read to take the train because their gifts were spot on.  they gave me a couple of shirts from j. crew and the filson levi’s trucker jacket i’ve been lusting after for the last year or so.  it’s incredible by the way.  they also got me a new filson dopp kit and the first five seasons of it’s always sunny in philadelphia (which i’m embarrassed to say i’ve never seen).  i’m headed to new york in two weeks, so i may treat myself to a little something for my birthday while i’m up there.  why the hell not?

happy new year

happy new year!  i hope everyone had a great holiday.  i definitely did.  i took a much needed week off of work and blogging (in case you didn’t notice).  i’m back now and excited about 2012.  i didn’t snap too many photos over the break which is why the only photo i have to share is this quasi-wiwt that i took on my way to meet mr. dreams of perfection and his fiancee for lunch.  one of my goals for 2012 is to meet more of my blogger contemporaries.  it’s always nice to hang out with people that are into the same stuff you are.  other goals for 2012: be a better man, finally lose the gut, post more original content, stop buying so many pairs of boots, get a grown-man haircut, and worry less.

last week, brandon mccall (water from the tap) posted a link to an article from fast company called “the one resolution you need to make in 2012.”  the gist of the article is to do what you say your going to do i.e. hold yourself accountable for your goals.  i couldn’t agree more.  it’s going to be a great year.

hemingway in the winter

if i had to outline my life in phases, there would be three worth mentioning: the indiana jones phase (years 6-13); the beatles/brit pop phase (years 13-17); and the ernest hemingway phase (years 18-30).  reading hemingway is like getting punched in the gut and enjoying it.  it’s eye opening.  no one lives like hemingway any more; you couldn’t get away with it – which is why we spend time reading and re-reading his stories.  there’s a part of every man that wants to live those adventures.

hemingway knew how to dress.  i found a photo of him kicking a can in the snow (next page) and realized there was some great pictures of him dressed for the winter.  he valued a lot of the same things we do now like heavy wool pants, leather boots, plaid shirts, and shawl collar sweaters.  some things never go out of style and for good reason.  i only wish i could have found a few more photos.  check them out on the next page.

Continue reading

the black pocket comb

i wasn’t sure how to title or start this post, so i apologize if it’s misleading, but i needed to share some personal feelings this evening.  my grandad passed away on saturday afternoon.  he had been in bad shape for a month or so, but took a turn for the worse on friday evening.  i was lucky enough to sit with him saturday morning and tell him goodbye.

he was a hell of a guy.  he never treated me like a child (or at least i didn’t think so).  when i was a kid and would spend the night at their house, he and i would go to the mall for a burger and milkshake and then to the movies.  he loved schwartzenegger movies.  he took me to see total recall in the theater when i was nine years too young to be there.  we never told my parents.  and when i got old enough to drink, i would go sit on his front porch, drink a beer, and talk about life.  there was something so amazing about having a drink with him.  i’m going to miss him so much.

if you’re wondering why i mentioned the black pocket comb, it’s because i noticed one in the pocket of his pajamas on saturday.  it’s a good representation of the man that he was: simple, understated, and classic.  he lived 93 great years.  i hope i’m that lucky.  i miss you already, grandad.

imogene + willie scout books

i had the good fortune of being in the right place at the right time this morning.  as i pulled into nashville’s imogene + willie, the ups man pulled in behind me with a box of goodies.  the team seemed to be excited about the delivery, so i stuck around to see what was in the box.  sure enough, they were imogene + willie scout books.  i was lucky to snag a couple before they go on sale tomorrow.

the i + w scout books come in a pack of 3 with 3 different covers.  there are 16 front to back pages of grid paper (32 to write on).  they measure 3 1/2 inches wide by 5 inches tall (1/2 inch shorter than field notes).  my favorite part of these particular pocket notebooks is the personalized note on the back (below):

that note says it all.  matt and carrie and the rest of the team put so much love into their products that you feel like they were made just for you.  be sure to check out tomorrow so you can order your own scout books and see the rest of their fall collection.

weekend review (atlanta trip)

my wife and i took the day off friday and went to atlanta.  after lunch, i dropped her off at phipps and made my way to sid mashburn.  i had every intention of taking a few pictures when i arrived, but chickened out when i got out of the car ’cause i didn’t want to be “that guy.”  i stole the picture above from google images (sorry if you own it).

the store was exactly how i expected it to be.  it was somewhat crowded due to it being lunch hour and the 40% off sale that was happening all weekend.  it’s an impressive place.  i took a good hard luck at the famous mashburn double monks (great review jeremiah) .  a guy next to me picked them up, showed them to his buddy, and said who would wear these (obviously he’s not a blogger).  the one item that i fell in love with was not a sid mashburn original, but a pair of alden tassel loafers.  i’ve seen them a hundred times before, but this time something was different.  i’ve never been a big fan of tassel loafers, but in person these are one of the best looking pairs of shoes i’ve ever seen.  i’ll be ordering some very soon.

i left mashburn’s empty handed.  i had every intention of spending some green faces, but was intimidated by the amount of loot i wanted.  i figured i’d be back down there later this fall.  we finished the afternoon with stops at phipps and lenox and then headed to dinner at one of my wife’s favorite places: tin lizzy’s.

we returned from atlanta early saturday afternoon.  one of the reasons for the rush was because my allen edmonds mora’s were supposed to be waiting for me on our doorstep.  they were not.  the ups driver needed a signature.  massive bummer, but that means they’ll be here today i.e. i will be updating the ups website every 5 minutes or so.

one of the best parts of the weekend was running in the nike free run 2 shoes.  i have issues finding running shoes that are comfortable, so i gave these a try.  i love ‘em.  they’re supposed to be as close to barefoot running as you can get without buying those feety looking things.  details gave them their endorsement, but said they were suit appropriate.  they are not.  don’t wear them with a suit or you will look ridiculous.

saturday night we went to a friend’s mom’s 60th birthday party (don’t judge, because it was incredible).  i should have taken some pictures.  there was a live bluegrass band, fresh fried catfish, and plenty of alcohol – one of the best times i’ve had all summer.  last night, we picked up some local taco and watched our sunday night shows (true blood, curb, and breaking bad).  riley loves sunday nights because she gets to chill on the couch.  solid weekend all around.


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