my blue, gray, and red heaven

from new balances f/w 2010 collection.  anyone that knows me knows that new balance are my sneaker of choice.  i used to be more of a collector but have since sold most of them on ebay.  i’m loving these m150s.  i’m also looking forward to seeing what the j.crew x new balance collaboration looks like.  please hurry those out.


i told myself that i wasn’t going to post “runaway” on this blog.  i’ve tried and tried to avoid it, but i can’t resist any longer.  i won’t call it a great song (he’s done better), but it’s the song of the moment.  i hope you can listen to it without missing the point.  he’s not celebrating being a douchebag or an asshole.  he’s saying i’ve been those things.  don’t get close to me.  i’ve screwed up and i’m tired of it. 

“i’m so gifted at finding what i don’t like the most” – who can’t relate to that line?  no one’s perfect.  i’m glad kanye’s finally realized this.  dude’s done some major growing up lately.

jaws wave by shepard fairey

this has nothing to do with the movie by the same name.  “jaws” is the nickname of the world’s most notorious surf break in maui, hi.  to celebrate their 25th year working in coastal conservation, the surfrider foundation commissioned shepard fairey to illustrate the wave.  you can find out more here.  dope.

stems + books

j.w. hulme co. + cu5tom

again i don’t know how i missed this collaboration, but i’m now obsessed.  ryan at [you_have_broken_the_internet] designed this bag with the folks at j.w. hulme.  it retails for $590 which is not bad considering how long you will have this bag.  i want one.

bronco spotted

i think deep down in all men there’s an urge to own a classic truck like the bronco above.  i spotted this one at the golf course yesterday.  the body was in pretty good condition but it could desperately use a paint job.  i’m sure i’ll never buy one but i will always want one.

going golfing

the best kind of golf is played when it’s considered work.  i’m playing in a charity tournament this afternoon so the posts might be bare today.  i figured a couple of pictures of arnold palmer would compliment my plans.  he’s one of the best dressed athletes of all time and apparently one of the nicest.  my father’s had the pleasure of meeting him several times and one time caddied for him for a few holes.  he said he’d stop for any fan and sign an autograph or take a picture.  i guess that’s why he has his own army.  classy guy. 

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