alden wing tip boots

i was pleased to see wing tips boots featured on valet this morning.  of course, my favorite of the bunch was the alden boot above.  the pearl and co. brooks brothers boots are great looking as well, but brooks brothers removed the link to them.  bastards.  add these to my growing list of fall essentials.  anyone have $500 i can borrow?

mad man

funny to see don draper with an iphone.

nothing is sacred

i’ve been lusting after danner mountain light ii hiking boots ever since i saw the special japanese only edition a couple of years ago (see below).  when i finally got around to ordering a pair from danner, they were sold out.  i looked all over the internet for some and couldn’t find any.  now j. crew is carrying them this fall/winter.  i’ve been a supporter of j. crew’s collaborations but this is getting ridiculous.  they’re taking the fun out of finding new stuff.   

new obsession: breaking bad

breaking bad is one of the best shows on tv.  i had stayed away from it for reasons i can’t really explain.  no excuses now.  i bought the first season on dvd and watched the whole thing in almost one sitting.  that sounds lazy, but what else are you supposed to do on labor day? 

it’s about a high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with lung cancer and has to sell meth to pay for all the medical bills.  sounds complicated but it’s really not.  just watch it.  walter, the lead character, is always rocking wallabees.  excellent choice. 

game changing oreo dunking technique

i’m almost pissed i didn’t come up with this. 

via the daily what

f**k you

we should all strive to be as real as johnny cash.  he wins a grammy for best country album and puts this ad billboard magazine.  “f**k you for turning your back on me.”  who doesn’t have this fantasy sometimes.  i read an interview with jonah hill where told the story of a terrible teacher he had who was always cutting him down.  when he ran into her after some success she tried to speak to him and i believe he actually said “f**k you” and walked off.  i had a teacher who told me i would never amount to anything.  i think about it all time.  it motivates me on a daily basis.  i may never be the comedian i wanted to be in 6th grade, but that won’t stop me from being successful in everything else i do.   

with that said i made my own johnny cash anthology last night.  click on the post to see the track listing (good mixture of new and old in there).   

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a good investment

if your boat shoes, slip-ons or moccasins are beginning to stink up the joint then it might be a good time to invest in mocc socks.  they’re cut low to make it look like you’re wearing no socks at all.  they hide your feet and your stink.


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