alexa chung

the wife found a dress by alexa chung that she wanted to buy.  i’m all for it.  i love the way she dresses.

required listening

just received a wedding invitation in the mail.  at the bottom of the rsvp card it asks me my favorite song to dance to.  it’s a toss up between earth, wind, and fire’s “september” and the song above “tighten up” by archie bell and the drells.  tighten up everybody.

figuring it out

i’ve been blogging for almost 4 years now – not at to take the train obviously, but enough to know my way around the blogosphere.  most of the blogging i’ve done has been dumb videos and movie reviews, so taking pictures of the world around me has never been that appealing to me…until now. 

i’ve been doing a little bit of research on what kind of camera i would need to take great pictures.  i realize an slr camera with a big ass lense would be the best, but that’s not practical for someone who enjoys putting everything in his pockets.  after googling “best point and shoot camera” and looking at other blogs, i’ve decided on the well reviewed canon s90 (above).  if there was a list of blogger must haves this camera would be close to the top. 

a close friend told me to take the train would suffer from unorignal content and i realize that problem.  most blogging is stealing anyway right?  with that said it’s time to join the big boys.  start looking forward to more original content as to take the train grows.  i’ve only been up for a couple of weeks so i don’t feel too bad lifting from some of the bloggers that influence me.  this shit is so fun.

want: plaid tie

keeping up with what’s cool doesn’t really seem like a great thing to do for the budget conscious, but there are some things i see that i could wear for a few more years without seeming entirely out of the loop like a nice plaid tie.  gitman vintage makes the one above.  might be a nice early christmas present for myself.

king of cool

like the rest of the world i have a man crush on don draper.  he’s hard not to like even when he’s being terrible (like making peggy miss her birthday dinner last week).  last night’s episode was my favorite of the season.  i feel like we saw a side of don that we haven’t seen before.  he’s starting to look inward and that’s something we all can relate to.  or it may have been the “satisfaction” montage that kicked the episode off.  either way i’m ready for next week.

new find

forgive me for not knowing the name j.w. hulme co.  not sure how i missed this one.  when scanning my google reader this morning i saw some detailed pictures of their factory on [you_have_broken_the_internet].  incredible looking stuff.  here are two of my favorites. 

ipod nano watch strap

i make no apologies for being an apple fanboy.  they make great products.  the new nano announced last week is no exception.  they shrunk the sucker down and gave it a touch screen and an FM radio.  what’s more incredible that is the watch strap above from county comm.  i don’t think i would give up my wrist watch for a nano 7 days a week, but i can see some situations where this would be a nice accessory to have.


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