new find

forgive me for not knowing the name j.w. hulme co.  not sure how i missed this one.  when scanning my google reader this morning i saw some detailed pictures of their factory on [you_have_broken_the_internet].  incredible looking stuff.  here are two of my favorites. 

ipod nano watch strap

i make no apologies for being an apple fanboy.  they make great products.  the new nano announced last week is no exception.  they shrunk the sucker down and gave it a touch screen and an FM radio.  what’s more incredible that is the watch strap above from county comm.  i don’t think i would give up my wrist watch for a nano 7 days a week, but i can see some situations where this would be a nice accessory to have.

fall inspiration: jaws

i realize jaws is technically a summer movie, but the clothes in film resemble a lot of what i’m seeing now and what i like to wear in the fall: chambray shirts, norwegian sweaters, knit ties, and field jackets.  even the amity police jacket that brody wears looks a lot like a barracuda jacket.  i’ll put together a good place to find each item later this weekend.  in the meantime, enjoy these screen grabs.  there are more on the next page so don’t forget to click read more. 

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hello ladies

new york looks like a fun place.

rrl engineer boots

it’s difficult to find information on rrl products online or in the store.  the last time i went into the store their staff made me feel like an asshole because i interrupted their conversation about pocketwatches and beards to ask a question about jeans (sorry i needed to purchase one of your products, fellas).  with that said i can’t tell you too much about these rrl engineer boots except that i really like them – maybe even more than the frye boots i posted earlier this week.  here’s another look:  

speaking of the ramones

i’ve always wanted a leather jacket.  i don’t think my wife would allow it in the house, but if i did buy one it would be schott 613 perfecto like the ramones wore.  you can’t get any more classic than that.  i might buy one anyway and wear it while she’s out of town.  how bout that?

required listening

leave home, the ramones second full length album, stands out to me as their finest.  don’t get me wrong rocket to russia and the ramones are great albums, but their sound and songwriting are refined and defined on leave home.  download and listen on repeat.


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