l.l. bean norwegian sweater

i watched jaws this past weekend and for the first time paid close attention to some of the clothes in the film (i’ll post screen grabs later).  one item that stuck out was the sweater the drunk dude wears in the first scene of the movie.  at the bonfire on the beach the dude is dressed in shorts and a sweater that looks like this one from l.l. bean.  from what little research i’ve done, i found out that this particular sweater was made in the 70′s so there’s a distinct possibility that the two are very similar.  since old school prep is back in full force, go ahead and grab one for the winter.

north by north west vest

the north by north west vest is made by crescent down works - who is of course collaborating with j. crew this fall.  not sure what their version is going to look like, but i’m pumped to check it out.  with that said i doubt it will look better than the vest above.

the american

i don’t think the film looks that great but i love the vintage inspired poster.  with football back on i’m not sure when i’ll have time to go to the movies.

l.l. bean wool parka

it’s almost time for winter coats (or at least i hope so).  if you’re looking for an affordable heavy coat this winter, check out l.l. bean’s wool parka.  priced at $159 you can’t go wrong.  nice write up on it at dreams of perfection.


if you haven’t jumped on the trad movement yet, then you better go ahead and do so.  you’ll notice every clothing designer has incorporated prep into their fall/winter collection.  i just got an urban outfitters catalog in the mail and it looks exactly like the brooks brother catalog that came the day before (granted brooks brothers has been doing this forever).  so when blowing your budget on new clothes for the fall, be sure to pick up something like bass weejuns (above) that never go out of style.

come around sundown

i hope it doesn’t hurt my street cred but i’m excited about kings of leon’s new album out october 19.  i’ve heard there’s a lot of country influence on this one.  not sure if that will come out in the music itself, but i’m glad they were thinking about it.  going to their concert and seeing all the 40 year old mothers singing ever word almost ruined them for me, but then i grew up.  success is not a terrible thing to have.  don’t let anyone tell you any different.

hello rachel bilson

if someone asked me how i wanted my wife or girlfriend to dress, i would say exactly like rachel bilson.


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