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gant rugger fall/winter video lookbook

i see some things in there i could live with.

oak street bootmakers

oak street bootmakers are blowing up the blog world today.  i caught them on james wilson’s secret forts yesterday.  they look incredible.  they’re handcrafted in the us and feature replaceable outsoles.  seems like a good investment to me. 

the zombies

well dressed lads.  it’s a shame bands don’t give a shit what they look like today, but i guess that’s part of being a rock and roller.

required listening

the zombies odyssey and oracle.  one of the most overlooked albums of all time.  my friend wick chose the song “this will be our year” for the first dance at his wedding.  phenomenal choice and far cooler than anything i could come up with.

desert boots

a woman after my own heart.  i love desert boots on girls. 


recommended viewing for anyone living.

baby let me follow you down

bob dylan x the band = the epitome of cool.

filson for vans

my friend ek sent me a link to these a couple of months ago and asked if he should purchase.  i said go for it.  saw them again on sart inc this morning and realized if ek doesn’t pull the trigger soon then i may get the jump.

and the caravan is on its way

it’s hard to argue with the appeal of aviator sunglasses.  they’re as classic as it gets.  i’ve purchased a pair of the original tear-drop shaped aviators at least three times in my life, but they just don’t fit my face.  cue the alternative square shaped aviators above better known as the caravan model.  these fit my small face like a glove.  i tried randolph engineering’s version of these aviator, but they still didn’t feel right.  i’m a ray-ban man all the way.


kirsten dunst for band of outsiders.  has she always had such amazing legs.  damn.