songwriters and their boots

when i went to find a picture of townes van zandt yesterday morning, i noticed his boots in the photo above.  they look like red wing classic moc lugs (or knockoffs at the very least).  that got me thinking about other songwriters i like and their footwear.  i then remembered seeing an early picture of neil young wearing what appeared to be rw 877s (photo after the jump).

back then it was important to look like you lived the songs you wrote.  you needed a good pair of well-traveled, lived-in boots – which is probably why most of these guys chose red wing.  they were also much more affordable in 60’s/70’s than they are now.  with that said i’m looking forward to making some memories in my rws this fall (after i choose a pair of course).

neil and his red wings:

too bad they start out looking like this:

dylan and his pecos boots

classic moc lugs:

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