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the work shoe: allen edmonds park avenue

i’m about to retire my old dress shoes.  i’ve had the same johnston and murphy black oxford cap toe dress shoes since freshman year of college (embarrassing i know).  no offense to j&m but their shoes don’t make your heart swoon.  i’ve tried other dress shoes in this 10 year period – both cheap and expensive but i always go back to my j&m’s cause they’re worn in.  sure, they might be a half size too large but my feet have molded to them.  it’s tough to part with comfort.

full disclosure: i’m a banker.  i have been for almost 3 years.  when i left my hip music industry job, someone more informed than me said “have you bought your allen edmonds yet?”  it was meant to be somewhat of a jab at bankers, but then he informed me that all bankers wear allen edmonds.  noted.

i’m now three days away (payday) from purchasing my first pair of allen edmonds and it couldn’t have come at a better time.  they’re running a “rediscover america” sale on their website where you can receive 14.92% off their shoes.  the deal is good through columbus day.  get it?

this will be my second go at allen edmonds.  i bought a pair at their denver store last april, but the idiot shoe salesmen sold me on a pair a full size bigger than i needed (he was extremely convincing).  when buying shoes, trust your foot.  my foot failed me in the store.  i should have done my research.  the last that the allen edmonds park avenue shoe is built on is a long, narrow last.  what does that mean?  it means that i should have sized down a half rather than up a half.  my foot is narrow to begin with.  lesson learned.

dress shoes are something you need to spend money on.  as you grow older, you’ll notice that other men will check out your footwear.  don’t let it creep you out.  nice shoes are important and allen edmonds park avenues are the cadillac of dress shoes.  don’t be the guy in the meeting with the box-toed oxfords (i noticed one of my colleagues had some on this morning).  people will notice.

heritage-hipster matrix

everyone else is posting it so why can’t i.  i’m starting to agree with my friend erk on hipster hating: it’s getting a little old.  not that the above matrix is totally hating, but the word hipster has almost become synonymous with (overdressed) douche.  i would also argue what’s wrong with being hip?  don’t we all strive to be somewhat hip?  maybe i prefer to call it informed.  i digress.  i think we’ve hit the peak of men’s fashion with the heritage and prep movement.  designers seem to be enjoying it’s resurgence as well.  the blueprints have been around for quite a long time.  i like it.

goodbye summer

pun intended to those that used to watch the o.c. summer was officially over a week ago, but we had temperatures in the 90’s until this past saturday.  this morning i woke up to an overcast day in the high 60’s.  it was perfect.  i’m ready for the fall weather, but will miss girls in their cutoff blue jean shorts.  hopefully this trend will continue it’s resurgence next summer.  thank you rachel bilson for wearing it so well.

fall style: three days of condor

you’ve seen this picture before.  i think almost every blog i read has mentioned robert redford’s attire in three days of the condor. it’s fall classic: jeans, sweater, wool sportscoat, and hiking boots.  he also sports a classic navy style pea coat in some of the scenes.  besides being a good movie, it’s a decent study on how you should dress in the fall.  i’ll put a kit together later this evening.

required listening

i ran into an old friend this weekend that i hadn’t seen in about 10 years.  we grew up as best friends and slowly drifted apart during high school.  the best way to explain it is that our lives went in different directions.  i had heard he had fallen on hard times, but didn’t know why or how.  i chalked most of it up to gossip.

i ran into him at the bar of all places.  when i arrived he was smoking cigarettes and talking to my wife.  i didn’t recognize him at first.  his hair was slicked back and he looked unusually skinny.  when i figured out who it was, i gave him a handshake and a bro-hug.  it was good to see him.

he disappeared for a few minutes to grab another beer and came back singing.  the music was slightly inaudible due to the talking on the patio.  he sat down at the table and asked if anyone had heard of townes van zant.  i was the only one.

for the next few minutes we discussed the legendary texas songwriter and how it was a shame not many people knew who he was.  i told my friend “waiting around to die” was one of my favorite songs of all time.  it’s gut-wrenching.  i get the same dirty feeling from this song that i get listening the velvet underground’s “heroin.”  it makes you feel like you’ve hit the bottom and there’s no way out.

the rest of townes’ self titled 3rd album (i believe) is just as dark and moody as “waiting around to die.”  there’s little else but his voice and an acoustic guitar, but no matter how many other instruments you add townes still sounds completely alone.  my other favorite tracks on the album are “colorado girl” and “i’ll be here in the morning.”

when i got in the car to leave the bar, i put townes van zandt on and everything made perfect sense.  maybe the rumors were true.  maybe my friend had hit rock bottom,  but unlike townes he wasn’t waiting’ ’round to die.  he was trying to put the past behind him and that made me feel a whole lot better.

the sartorialist kills it again

a lot of the sartorialists pics are too far out for me because although i enjoy fashion i don’t totally understand it – which is not necessarily a bad thing because i’m a dude.  i love the pic above.  cute chick.

too much sperry top-sider?

i couldn’t survive without my sperry boat shoes.  besides my work kicks i don’t think i’ve worn another shoe all summer (sorry slip on vans).  i’m not sure if the world has been clamoring for a sperry boot, but what do i know.  these might not even be new.  don’t get me wrong i love the chukkas sperry offers but a full on tall boot?  i don’t know what to think.  for one i think they look great, but what about functionality.  when would i wear these?  what do the soles look like?  i have so many questions.  does anyone have some or have an opinion on them?  are they just a bit too much?  i don’t know.

more black ivy

i posted something about black ivy last friday.  you can find that here.  above is the companion video to the “black ivy” shoot.  again great work on everyone’s part.

weekly six pack vol 1

each week i’m going to feature a weekly “6 pack” (not the first time this has been used) of songs that are on heavy rotation in my car or office.  above is the first entry.  you probably won’t agree with everything i post and i don’t expect you to, but i hope every now and again you find one song or artist that will make it into your rotation.  enjoy.

fall essential

i know i’m not going out on a limb here with my fall essential choices.  mainly because i want this blog to be full of classics and things that i actually own or would wear (if i had the money in some instances).  ties are something that you shouldn’t buy cheap.  it’s obvious (and slightly embarrassing) when you’re wearing a cheap tie so plan on paying a little under or a little over $100 for a tie.  if you take care good care of it then it will last you several years – which is why i recommend you purchase a knit tie from  it doesn’t get any more classic than this.  it’s not necessarily a fall essential, but a life essential.  don’t believe me?  then check out the tie on my friend mr. west:

classic and classy.