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looking for our new camo shirt

brilliant ad.  i wish i was cool enough to rock one of these.

red wing engineer boots

since this is somewhere around my 5th post about engineer boots in the past month, i’m going to go ahead and call them my next purchase.  i was holding out to order fryes until i saw those moto boots on monday.  the rub being that i have no connections to tokyo or moto.  as luck would have it i noticed some boots on red wing 1905 this morning that looked an awful lot like the moto boots.  i know most engineering boots look the same with the buckle at the bottom but there is a certain look and finish i’m looking for – mainly pronounced stitching at the sole (which the fryes don’t have) and a tobacco like finish.  the new engineer boots from red wing fit that criteria.  they don’t look as crispy (hope i’m using that word correctly) as the moto boots i want so badly, but i bet they’ll look close enough after several months of wear.

etch a sketch ipad case

incredible.  buy it here.

almost red wing time

i wish the shoes above were mine.  i wish i had braved the break in period long enough to own a pair that needed to be resoled.  for the past two years i’ve attempted to find the perfect pair of red wings.  i’ve tried the 875, 1905, 877, and a couple of other models.  none seem to fit just right and it’s totally my fault.

the first pair i purchased were my running shoe size 10.5.  they felt like clown shoes.  i went down a half size and they were still too big.  i then settled on the 9.5 for a couple of months until i realized my heel was still slipping.  i refused to to admit that i had made the same mistake 3 different times so i waited until the end of the winter to order a 9 in the irish setter model (877).  unfortunately they felt too tight.  i took to to see if others were having the same issue.  they were.  in fact there’s a whole thread devoted to red wing sizing there.

now here i am a year later reading the same blogs and seeing the same cool cats post pictures of their precious red wings all cleaned up for the winter time.  i’m jealous.  i want to post pictures of my red wings, but i don’t have any.  it’s time to man up and not be such a wuss this season.  i’m ordering a new pair.  i might even do it today.  and i’m going to break the f**kers in so next september i can show you how bada** my red wings look.  you’ll see.

and if you want to know the consensus on sizing i’ll tell you what i learned.  most people size down a 1/2 from their original shoe size e.g. if you’re a 10 in most shoes then order a 9.5.  most red wings don’t come with insoles so they’re thin at the bottom.  if you want to put an insole in yours then you might be happy ordering true-to-size.  if you have any questions or need any help send me an email

style icon: jason schwartzman

i realize it’s a little premature to call jason swartzman a style icon, but the dude knows how to dress.  from skinny ties to perfectly tailored suits to his own rod lavers.  his style seems to be a true reflection of his personality and that’s how it should be.  whenever i think about how i want to dress for the fall, i can’t help but think about last year’s band of outsiders lookbook starring schwartzman.  it’s a nice collection of sweaters, tweed sportscoats, khakis, and boat shoes.  more pics of the actor on the next page. 

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crescent down works for j.crew

speaking of vests…the j.crew collaboration with crescent down works (which i mentioned here a couple of weeks ago) is now available in their online store.  the vests is the same one i posted – the north by northwest vest – but in a fern color.  they also carry a burnished moss color (tan to you and me).  i’ll take one of each please.

for the ladies

great fall look for the ladies.  the vest is a nice touch.  i don’t see a lot of down vests on girls.  might need to buy one for the wife.

required listening

village green preservation society is the 6th studio album from the kinks and the last one from the original quartet.  it’s also their best selling.  i don’t know when the concept album began but this had to be one of the first.  the album explores the themes associated with country life.  “i miss the village green and all the simple people” davies sings on the appropriately titled “village green.”  it took me several listens to get this one, but once i did i never looked back.  check out “picture book”, “village green preservation society”, “johnny thunder”, and “starstruck” to start and then get the whole damn thing.

fall trend: camo

since camo never goes out of style in the south, it’s amusing to me to see designers put camo shirts and pants in their fall and winter collections.  i can certainly see the appeal.  it adds some flavor to your wardrobe.  i wasn’t really interested in this trend until i saw these pics on a treasury of.  the shirt hamilton 1883 sent mr. rees is quite a work of art.  slim-fit with acorn colored buttons from one of the best shirt makers in the country.  what could go wrong?  in mr. rees’ case nothing.  it looks great on him.  

fall trend grade: B (if you can make it look good then why the hell not)

hello moto

dear moto, where have you been all my life?  you make the best looking engineer boots i’ve ever seen.  why have i not heard of you until today?

from what little research i’ve done i don’t believe you can buy these anywhere in the u.s.  i hope i’m wrong because i need a pair as soon as humanly possible.  if someone has a connection to these boots, please let me know.  they are the holy grail of engineering boots (if you’re not in tokyo).