required listening

in my opinion no soundtrack has ever captured the feel of the movie as perfectly as the soundtrack to rushmore. wes anderson has a knack for picking obscure tunes that only the most seasoned audiophile would know i.e. creations “making time.”  i remember watching the bees scene and hearing the who’s “a quick one” and having no idea who was it was.  afterwards i couldn’t get the refrain out of my head.  “you are forgiven” roger daltrey sings while pete townshend wails on power chords.  rushmore was also my first introduction to the faces “ooh la la”, john lennon’s “oh yoko”, and cat stevens “here comes my baby”  – all of which have appeared on countless mix i’ve made.  in addition to the obscure classics, mark motherbaugh’s score is the perfect filler from song to song.  if you have it already you might want to pull it back out and give it a spin and if you don’t go and get it.  total classic.

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