lea michele wants to meet you by the lockers

i don’t watch glee and i probably never will, but i do know who lea michele is.  she’s everywhere right now.  it’d be hard to miss her.  i remember seeing a picture of her in a rolling stone article a couple of months ago and trying to decide if she was hot or not.  i then read the article.  she reminded me of so many girls that do drama in high school.  they all have that i’m-gonna-go-to-new york-and-be-a-big-star-one-day attitude.  it’s like this uber-confidence that even the high school jocks don’t have.  lea definitely has that along with a chip on her shoulder.  it’s kind of awesome.  it’s actually kind of sexy.  i read a quote from her the other day talking about how all the girls in her high school got nose jobs and how she needed one the most.  she obviously didn’t get one and that’s one of the reasons she’s so appealing.  she seems real.  i’m glad in interviews she doesn’t just say how excited and blessed she is to have success right now.  she knew it was coming.  i welcome her success too, because her spread in gq is pretty hot.

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