f**k yeah menswear

f**k yeah menswear is this weeks greatest tumblr ever and for good reason.  it’s hilarious and spot on.  today they ripped take ivy.  the saddest part of reading it is identifying certain blogs i look at.  dude’s got it down perfect.  the word “crispy” should never have been used to describe a person’s dress in the first place.  it’s ridiculous.  i’m hoping to see a post regarding kanye soon.

via fuck yeah menswear:

I took the fucking Ivy.

Standing on my hardwood floor.

Pennys with no socks (natch).

POV shot.

This shit is straight porno.

I’m a fucking cinemotagrapher.

Who the fuck are you?

I’m Trad in a toaster.

Fucking crispy.

Glad Powerhouse re-published.

I only buy Made in the fucking USA.

Got this shit fucking pre-order.

Haven’t even opened the book.

I fucking been had the scans.

In photo class at my liberal arts college.

Name dropped T. Hayashidy.

Prof had no fucking clue.

So not Ivy.

Ivy is not one of eight prestigious unversities.

Ivy is not Madison Avenue.

Ivy is not Brooks Brothers.

Ivy is not modern Jazz.

Ivy is my BA in clownin’ on bitches.

Ivy is my crotch out of focus.

Ivy is standing in my iced out apartment.

Steezying for my followers.

I took the fucking Ivy


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