required listening

you can’t escape the black keys right now.  they’re all over blogs, tv, and movies.  if you hear a blues stomp in a trailer for a tv show or movie, it’s 95% the black keys.  they used to be everyone’s little secret – you’d put them on at a party and 5 or 6 people would ask who it was.  they built their following that way.  the other day someone called their new album their “second album.”  i stopped myself before acting like a music snob.  brothers happens to be their 6th full length.  i’ll admit i didn’t get hip to them until thickfreakness (actual 2nd album) but it was rubber factory that made me a fan.  the first time i head “10 a.m. automatic” i lost my s**t.  never have i wanted to rock so hard.  the rest of the album is more of the same foot stomping, fist pumping blues.  “you can be oh so mean / i just can’t see, no in between / you know what the sun’s all about / when the light’s go out” auerbach sings on the opening track.  we’ve all known mean girls.  we’ve all been done wrong.  these are the central themes of this record.  “just couldn’t tie me down” is another f u to that b**ch that broke his heart.  some other favorites are “girl is on my mind” and “grown so ugly,” but the real kickers for me on this album are “the lengths” and the superb cover of the kinks “act nice and gentle to me.”  “the lengths” might be one of the saddest songs ever written.  it breaks my heart every time.  if you’re a fan of brothers (and i know you already are because i’ve probably read your blog), please explore the rest of their discography.

  1. December 6th, 2011

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