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steve mcqueen persol sunglasses

i’ve avoided it for as long as i possibly could, but it’s time to say something about the persol steve mcqueen 714s.  anyone that has any sort of a style conscious knows steve mcqueen’s affect on men’s style and/or men’s style blogs.  he’s probably the reason i started paying attention to how i looked after college in the first place.  now persol has teamed with sunglass hut to offer a special edition of 714s with steve mcqueen’s name etched on the sides.  i’m not really sure why they felt the need to make this a “special edition” since 714s were readily available, but i’ll take it.  i bought a pair of black 714s on my honeymoon but sold them on ebay shortly after because i got sick of the folding.  now that these are available i might have to purchase as a collectors item.  you can never have too many pairs of sunglasses imo.

one day

this pic comes from a random post via nickel cobalt.  it says early 2000’s rrl.  they look incredible.  i bought my first pair of raw denim jeans 5 months ago.  i spent a whole day in new york looking for the perfect starter pair and went with the apc petit standards.  they are by far my favorite pair of jeans that i’ve owned in this lifetime.  they’re also the right price.  i tried on a bunch at self edge, rrl, and a couple of other spots but couldn’t justify the price…yet.  i get it now though.  i can’t wait to see what my apcs look like in a year.  many pics to come.

saddle shoe spectrum (via valet)

i think valet and i are on the same page about saddle shoes this fall.  if i had the cash i’d probably throw down for the mark mcnairy’s but you can’t go wrong with any of the other three.  here’s another looks at the mcnairy’s:

new tumblr: f**k yeah girls in barbour

it’s tough to beat a hot chick in barbour.  weird i know.  f**k yeah girls in barbour

elusive: the clarks lugger

i can’t remember where i grabbed this pic from so i apologize for not giving credit where it’s deserved.  i don’t know too much about the lugger except that it’s hard to find.  urban outfitters (gross i know) did a limited run on tan ones last fall and ran out of my size before i had time to order.  if you have a chance to jump on these do so.  you won’t be sorry.

the witmark demos

bob dylan’s witmark demos 1962 – 1964 are out tomorrow.  i haven’t heard anything on this two-disc set, but i can only imagine how good they are.  they were all written before he turned 24 for his first music publisher (leeds music and m. witmark & sons).  dylan blows my mind.  i’m looking forward to some much needed inspiration.

fall shoe rotation

i figured i’d put them all together.  clockwise from top left:

clarks desert boots (beeswax)

new balance 1400 for j. crew

gucci bit loafers (brown)

red wing engineer boots

cole haan claremont sport saddle

l.l. bean blucher mocs

shearling submission #2

re: the return of the shearling coat.  here’s a more traditional shearling coat from j. press if you’re after that 1970’s prep/trad look.  not a bad option if you have the cheese and aren’t worried about getting s**t from your friends.

more from moto

moto, why do you tease me so with your engineer boots and now these pecos boots.  i have no idea how much they are or where i can buy them in the states, but i will continue to lust after them.

weekly six pack vol 4

tough week for the ol’ boy.  i’m ready for the weekend.  not a lot of new stuff on here.  i bought the new sufjan stevens record for $3 on  i dig “futile devices” but am having trouble with the rest of it (as usual).  i can’t seem to turn off pet sounds.  i find something new in that album every time i put it on.  whiskeytown’s “pawn shop ain’t no place for a wedding ring” came on shuffle yesterday and i had forgotten how brilliant their straight-up country was.  the local natives played here last night and missed it like a friggin’ idiot.  “strawberry letter 23” is something that should be on everyone’s ipod.  it’s one of those songs you know you’ve heard but can’t remember where.  i’ve also been listening to a lot of norah jones’ latest album this week.  her version of “jesus, etc.” is spot on.  that’s it for the weekly sixer.