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i saw this picture of paul newman in the latest issue of gq.  i think someone was asking the style guy what he thought about using products to slick back your hair.  i wish i had the cojones to slick mine back on occasion.  the real rub would be my receding hairline and my lack of sideburns.  plus, people in nashville might label me a douche.  true story.  if you can pull this look off without an ed hardy shirt and an earring, go for it.

holiday gift idea

the canon s95.  i’ve only had canon cameras.  i’m on my third one.  some called the s90 the best point and shoot camera you could buy.  this is the updated version.  if santa doesn’t bring me one for christmas, i might have to wrap one up for myself.

crockett and jones in men’s ex

for the uninformed, men’s ex is a japanese men’s style/shopping magazine with the motto “nice look nice life.”  i found this particular shot at mister crew.  i would encourage you to go check out his site if you have some time.  there’s some good stuff on there.  i grabbed this pic because the double monks look incredible.  sooner or later i’m going to have to join the double monk club.  it’s a matter or time and money.  i’m thinking my 30th birthday in new york will be a good time to purchase some new footwear.  check out those plaid pants on the right.

springsteen f/w

these are two of my favorite images of springsteen.  one looks like it was shot in the fall and the other in winter.  i want a leather jacket.  i’m gonna buy a schott perfecto 613 before i die.  i may never wear it, but that won’t stop me from owning it.

i spent a good two hours on friday night listening to the promise after a couple of beers.  holy shit.  what an album.  if i could write one song like springsteen, i’d die a happy man.  he’s such an interesting study for me.  on the surface level, his music is so simple, but when you start to break it down and really listen to it, it’s much more than that.  do remember the first time you heard “born in the usa?”  do you remember the first time you actually heard the lyrics.  it makes a difference.

holiday gift idea

i saw this on valet this morning: the j. crew shirt of the month club.  for $695 j. crew will send the lucky recipient a shirt a month for the whole year.  it averages around $60 a shirt which is a pretty good deal.  just call 1.866.739.5944 and give them all the details.

still need to buy a vest

i still haven’t bought a vest for the fall/winter.  i think my time is running out.  it’s getting colder here.  last weekend was perfect vest weather.  i wish i wasn’t so indecisive.  i’m leaning towards the waxed vest from l.l. bean ($89) on the left, but the patagonia slingshot ($129) vest on the right looks pretty good too.  i will make my decision this weekend.  stay tuned.

christmas essential

if you’re out and about today and have a record store day-participating independent record store in your neighborhood, then stop by there and grab a copy of the newly re-released a jolly christmas from frank sinatra on vinyl.  it’s been remastered from the analog master recordings and features the replicated original art work.  my store here in town is out, but i will be checking back next week.  it’s a must have.


holiday gift idea

life by keith richards.  finally an autobiography from keith richards.  i haven’t read life yet, but i can only imagine what’s inside.  it’s on my wish list this year.

holiday gift idea

it’s officially holiday time.  for the next several weeks i will be posting good gift ideas (or at least i think they are).  the first one is an “urban” fire pit.  you can’t beat it for the winter.  there’s nothing better than sitting or standing outside nursing a beer in the cold around a fire.  find one at your local hardware or grilling store.

speaking of indy boots

a little background on me: i was indiana jones for halloween from the ages of 8  to 14.  that’s 6 years of indiana jones.  i was obsessed as a child.  while most kids were watching looney tunes and the little mermaid, i was outside with my fedora whipping tress and neighbors.  it was a fairly easy halloween costume.  all you needed was a leather jacket, hat, khakis, and whip (i’ll see if i can’t get a picture from my parents at some point).  the only thing missing from my costume was boots.  how was i supposed to know what indy boots were when there was no internet.

a couple of years ago when i found men’s style blogs, i found out that there were actually boots named after indiana jones.  rumor has it harrison ford bought these boots from a store in la when he was a carpenter.  ford had a lot of trouble finding shoes and boots that feet his feet and the owner of store fritz fit him in alden 405s.  when the time came to shoot raiders of the lost ark, ford insisted that he wear the 405s instead of the red wing 1905s that the costume designer had purchased for him.  awesome story.

i went to new york last april determined to buy a pair for myself.  we went to the alden store on sunday and i chickened out.  the shoe salesmen was a little pushy and insisted the 8.5 fit me without a) being me and b) knowing how my feet felt inside the shoe.  i figured i’d do better on my own.  i’m headed back to nyc in january.  i’m not leaving without them this time.