my 875s came last night.  i ordered them from dave’s in new york on tuesday morning and they were here thursday night.  you have to phone order the 875s because authorized red wing dealers can technically only sell them in store.  the guy on the phone could not have been more helpful.  i highly recommend ordering your next pair of red wing boots from dave’s.

i’m pumped to finally have a pair after months of wondering which ones to pounce on.  they are beautiful boots.  i’ll admit i was nervous about the sizing since i’ve had so much trouble in the past, but these fit like a glove.  i’m in between a 9.5 and 10 and went with the 9.5s.  in a previous post i said i might take a 9.  scratch that.  these are perfect.  now the break in period starts.  will they make it to next november?  we’ll see.

word to the wise: do a lot of searching before buying your red wings at j. crew.  these were $170 shipped.  most of the crew boots you can find other places much cheaper if you look, but you probably already knew that.

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