exit through the gift shop

my wife gave me apple tv for my birthday last week.  it’s everything i hoped it would it be.  besides being able to rent and stream movies from my mac, i can stream movies from netflix.  one film i just recently watched was banksy’s exit through the gift shop.

banksy is one of the world’s most famous street artists.   the film begins as a documentary about banksy, but banksy decides the film’s director, thierry guetta, is a much more interesting topic.  guetta then becomes obsessed with being a street artist and putting on a show of his own.

i probably didn’t do a great job of making the plot sound interesting, but the real catch is who the prank is on.  is it on thierry guetta or is it on the audience?  much has been debated on whether or not the movie is real.  i don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to figure that question out, but it’s still worthy of a debate.

exit is up for an academy award next month for best documentary.  banksy, whose identity is unknown, says he would show up to accept the award.  something tells me he’ll have some kind of disguise planned.  exit is definitely worth a watch if you have time.

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