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can’t recommend enough

i’m a slow reader so it should come as no surprise that i’m only 300 pages into keith richards’ biography life. i’ve mentioned it on here a couple of times now.  please buy it and read it.  you won’t be sorry.

nyc weekend recap

i figured it’d be nice to give a little recap on my trip to new york this past weekend.  we stayed at the james.  it’s a newer boutique hotel in the soho area (grand street and 6th).  we loved it.  the staff was incredibly kind and the room was exactly what you’d expect from a newer hotel i.e. flatscreen tv, comfortable bed, huge shower, heated bathroom tile, no bed bugs, etc.  they also served wine and cheese at 5 which we hit up both friday and saturday.  if you’re in nyc and not staying at the james, it’s worth it to pop by and have a drink at the rooftop bar with a fireplace and ridiculous view of the city.  i would stay there again.

*please note i did not take any of these pictures, but did go to these locations

once we dropped our stuff off at the hotel, we walked down the street to balthazar.  i think 9 out of 10 people we spoke to about restaurant recommendations mentioned balthazar.  we made reservations at 12:30 but got in at 12 because we were starving.  i got the chicken club and my wife got the hamburger – both with fries.  i finished mine.  it was not the best meal i’ve ever had, but still very good.  next time i’m going for brunch.

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red wing 877 post nyc

i’ve been told by two of my readers that i’m spending way too much time covering boots on here.  my apologies.  it will die down as the weather gets better.  i’m also spending too much time with iphone photography apps trying to figure out how to take a good picture.  the picture above looked really good on my iphone but didn’t turn out quite how i wanted when i emailed it to myself.

i took my new 877s to nyc this past weekend to take on the snow.   i prepped them with a coat of sno-sneal before i left which darkened the leather a little bit – making them more awesome than they already were.  like an idiot, i didn’t even attempt to break them in until i got to the city.  after a day of walking, they began to form to my feet and started to feel like i’d owned them for several months.  they also kept my feet warmer than my bean boots  – which were my other footwear option for the weekend.  my only complaint with the 877s is that they take forever to get on and off, but it’s not that big of deal.  they are excellent boots and i will be wearing them for a long time.

steven alan x nike

i’m a sucker for any gray tennis shoe especially when it’s a retro flavor.  nikes don’t excite my like your average blogger, but i’m all over this collaboration between steven alan and nike.  of course, they’re already all sold out.  i got out of town for one weekend and this is what happens.  i’ll keep checking in case they release a few more – which is not likely.

nyc shopping list

i’m headed to nyc tomorrow to celebrate turning 30.  everyone keeps asking me what my wife and i are going to do and i have no problems saying that we’re going to eat and shop.  i’m not embarrassed.  i need a bunch of new clothes.  i went through my closet at the end of last winter and threw away pretty much everything.  i don’t even own a sweater.  i realize i could find most of the items i want online, but that’s no fun.  here’s my list of things i’ll be looking for that i cannot get in nashville:

– alden indy boots (priority number 1)

– shaggy dog sweater from j. press (erk recommendation pictured above)

– pea coat

– reasonably priced pair of double monks

– barbour coat liner (it’s supposed to be cold up there)

– brown wingtips

– another pair of apc new standards

– couple of shirts

looks like a bloggers christmas list.  not sure i’ll be able to afford all of this stuff, but damn it if i’m not gonna try.


brooklyn decker on the cover of esquire

hello brooklyn.  not a bad way to start your thursday morning.  i told myself i would never see another adam sandler movie after click (funny people does not count) but i believe i will be going to see just go with it to support mrs. roddick.  damn girl.

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red wing collection

any good looking red wing collection gets a post at tttt.

(via swan’s wing)

february free & easy

the new free and easy is out.  i’m hoping i can score one in nyc this weekend for the plane trip back.  i wonder if people around me will assume i know japanese.

eastwood is not scared of denim on denim

eastwood looks cool in just about anything.

levi’s trucker jacket

i’m thinking about pulling the trigger on a levi’s trucker jacket.  i feel like it’s an item i can put in my closet and have for the rest of my life or until it falls apart.  the canadian tux look does not scare me.