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required listening

the strokes are releasing a new album on march 22.  i’m hoping it’s a return to form rather than building on the first impressions of earth album.  impressions had some decent material on it, but it was nothing like room on fire and is this it.  i remember first hearing about the strokes from a friend’s older brother.  he had heard some of the singles and had us believing we were in for something special.  the truth is we were. 

is this it was supposed to come out at the end of august in 2001, but was delayed a month because of the smell-the-glove-esque (spinal tap reference) cover above.  if i remember correctly, my friend erk’s older brother purchased the uk version and let erk burn it.  he offered to give me a copy, but i declined.  i didn’t want it to ruin the experience of purchasing the cd from the record store and popping it in my stereo.  back then i liked thumbing through the liner notes and reading the song titles on the back of the cd.  you can’t do that with a burned copy.

they ended up changing the release date to september 25, 2001.  i had it circled on my calendar.  i was going to go to borders on the 24th and buy it right at midnight.  the new ryan adams album gold was scheduled to come out on the same day.  when i showed up at borders and asked for both records, the guy behind the counter explained to me that they were instructed to return their shipment of is this it because of the song “new york city cops.”  this was two weeks after september 11 and the label was concerned about the negative backlash from a song trashing new york city cops.  the borders clerk also told me that he snagged a couple of albums from the shipment and sold them to 3 people before me.  thanks for letting me know, buddy.

is this it finally made it to my stereo on october 9, 2001 and hasn’t left since.  it paved the way for the “the” bands and return of 3 minute rock songs.  it was the first time in a while rock and roll had balls.  the album is so short and perfect, you want to listen to it again and again.  it made me want to get a pair of chuck taylors and a leather jacket and get trashed.  i listened to it on the way to work this morning and had those same feelings.  i might not head down to borders at midnight on march 22, but you can be damn sure i’ll be downloading it on my way to work that morning.

minka kelly in the new gq

i like the valentine’s day vibe.  derek jeter, you are a lucky man.

ode to the norwegian

i really want one of these l.l. bean norwegian sweaters.  i’ve been talking about ordering one for a year now.  when catching up on my blog roll yesterday, i saw skip at alex grant posted an “ode to the norwegian.”  sounds like reason enough to finally click buy.  if you have some free time, head over to skip’s site and check it out.  he also does these “date nights” where he and n’east style watch a movie  together and post kits based on the style of the male and female leads.  they did rushmore last night.  thanks for the inspiration, skip.

barbour 75th anniversary steve mcqueen collection

i’ve seen a couple of pieces from the new steve mcqueen collection and i’m unimpressed.  i think calling it the “steve mcqueen collection” takes away from the mystique of the jacket and the brand.  i’d rather go ahead and just buy the original international jacket which i’m sure is cheaper.

here’s the original jacket without the obnoxious picture on the inside:

and mcqueen wearing the international on his bike:

russell moccasin knock-a-bout boot

i think my first foray into russell will be via the knock-a-bout boot.  they’re basically high-top loafers.  i haven’t seen them in person, but the leather looks incredibly soft.  russell also makes a sheepskin lined version of the boot if you need that extra layer of warmth.  the only thing preventing me from ordering some is having to send that form off with a sketch of my feet.  you can find them at select online retailers, but i’d rather order them from the source.

here’s another look if you’re interested:

vintage barbour ad

i feel like the only thing missing is ron burgandy.  it also looks like a poster for the original get carter.  i like it.

pitti day one

i don’t really get too into pitti uomo or any kind of men’s fashion trade show but i saw these pics on gq’s site yesterday and figured i’d share them.  there’s a whole slide show there if you have the time, but these were the only 4 that really stood out to me – mainly because of the red wings, barbour, and filson.  when fashion shifts away from the “heritage look” i will lose interest pretty quickly.  everything is so accessible now.  i’m not sure that will be the case in a couple of years.  with that said, i’m going to enjoy it while i can.

want: schott pea coat

there are certain things every man needs in his closet and believe it or not a classic pea coat is one of those things.  i can’t tell you the amount of times i’ve been to schott’s website in the last 2 years looking at the pea coats.  i also can’t explain why i don’t have one in my closet yet (at a reasonable $198 it’s inexcusable).  you might be wondering why a pea coat?  number 1 reason: they’re classic.  they’ve been around since the 1800’s and the design hasn’t changed.  number 2: they keep you warm.  schott’s pea coats are made of a blend of wool and nylon for maximum weather protection.

i get paid in a couple of days.  i’m hoping i can order one and have it here before i take off for new york next friday.

pants like these

damn.  that’s the best i could come up with.  i remember when leather pants were huge in the 80’s, but not like these.  the ones in the 80’s were boxy and not form-fitting.  these are different.  i’d like to see them come back in style, but i don’t think that will happen.  about 4% of america’s female population could pull these off.  i think that 4% should at least try.  thank you, olivia.

suvs for your feet

i can’t take credit for the caption.  i love this picture – two of my favorites.  i’m headed to nyc next weekend and my mission is to bring home a pair of alden 405s.  it’s happening.

via random relevance.