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opening day first pitch

today is opening day of the 2011 baseball season.  i’m a huge baseball fan.  i might have mentioned that last september when i started this blog.  one of the traditions i love about the game is the presidential first pitch on opening day.  it was started by taft 101 years ago.  unfortunately, i just read that obama will not be on the mound today.  kind of a bummer, but check out the full post for more pictures of presidential pitches.  one thing you’ll notice about these pictures is that people used to dress up for games.  i wish we’d go back to that, but i guess sweatpants and tank tops are much more comfortable.   Continue reading

new warby parker frames

i’ve needed a new pair of glasses for a year now.  my prescription has changed enough to annoy me.  i’ve heard only good things from warby parker and last week i put them to the test.  the ordering process was simple: i found the glasses i liked, virtually tried them on, put my information in the system, and paid.  easy enough.  the next day i realized i wanted to change frame color and sent them an email expecting them to say too late.  a fantastic customer service rep named katie sent me an email back and said done.  all of this went down last wednesday.  on thursday they shipped.  yesterday they arrived.  i was so excited that i went home during lunch to the grab them.  they came in a nice warby parker branded box and when i opened the box there was a note (below) thanking me for buying them and giving me their email address and phone number in case i had issues.  i didn’t.  the glasses were flawless.  the color (amber) is exactly what i wanted and they’re so light i can barely feel them on my face.  i took them back to work for approval.  i got a thumbs up from everyone and then had 2 separate people tell me they needed new glasses but didn’t want to pay a fortune.  when i revealed i only paid $95 for these, they were shocked.  i sent them to wp’s website.  this is how you create fans.  great work, warby parker.

the baracuta g9 slim fit jacket

today one of my friends offered me his old baracuta jacket.  he had outgrown it and needed a bigger size.  i tried it on and unfortunately it’s slightly too big.  unzipped it might have worked, but zipped the sides poke out too much.  i’m not super skinny but i definitely like a snug fit when it comes to jackets.  this got me thinking: it’s finally time to buy one of these damn things.  they’re pretty much essential to a man’s closet.  i guess i need to stop buying so many pairs of boots.  check out mcqueen in his:

if you’re looking for a cheaper model, check out polo’s version here.  i’ve seen these in person.  they look good too.

re: new balance

new balance is slowly taking over the sneaker game.  well, mostly with hipsters and style bloggers.  for good reason too.  i’d argue they’re the most comfortable casual/athletic shoe on the market.  i tried to wear nike dunk lows for a year of my life, but stopped cause i looked like i was trying too hard.  this weekend i tried on the adidas campus 80 suede sneaks below (the grey ones) and they felt great.  i had a pair as a kid, but that was a long time ago.  why have i been focusing so much on new balances lately?  the two shoes below from adidas are two of my personal favorites and must-haves if you’re a shoe junkie like myself.

rod laver

campus 80

you can’t go wrong with either one.

for a better fit

i mentioned the m-65 jacket last week and how i wanted one.  i ended up ordering the jacket from the army surplus site i mentioned.  it came this weekend and i couldn’t have been more excited to throw it on, and then i threw it on.  it was huge.  i took it off and checked the size again.  it was definitely a medium.  i looked in the mirror one more time.  the sleeves seemed to hit in the right places, but the jacket swallowed me.  my wife even asked me why i insisted on wearing clothes that made me look frumpy.  she had a point.  i looked stupid.  i began to think of the fatigue jacket i saw at j. crew and how i wondered if it might be a better fit, so i went to the mall and tried it on.  the medium fit me perfectly.  it was snug in the right parts and actually looked nice.

i’ve always been a hater of the unauthentic.  if i was going to get an m-65 jacket, i was going to get the real mccoy.  i didn’t want some designers interpretation of one.  this weekend i learned my lesson.  as cool as military stuff is, it exists for a reason: to serve the military.  it doesn’t look cool on some slightly overweight 30-year old who is probably way too into movies about vietnam.  in the future if i want to go military, then i’m going unauthentic.  i choose not looking frumpy over having to make up some lie about how my vietnam vet uncle gave me his m-65 jacket (not that i would ever do that).

spring/summer essential: no show socks

we had our first consecutive nice days this past weekend which meant it was the first time of the new year that i went sockless.  or did i?  you would never know if you looked at my feet but i was wearing these no show socks from vans.  i prefer these no show socks to other ones because they’re cheap and tight.  they fit my foot like a glove – there’s no excess sock.  they also come in black.  they’re a must have if you go sockless in the spring and summer and don’t want your feet to stink.  there’s no worse feeling than being in an inclosed space and realizing that grassy, foul smell is your feet.  you can thank me later.

spring shirt options: gitman bros vintage

gitman bros vintage makes a perfect shirt for spring and summer.  their collection is full of light-weight oxfords and chambrays as well as indian cotton madras shirts.  each shirt at gitman bros. vintage is an “authentic interpretation” of one of their creations from the past – which include original double-track stitching, chalk buttons, locker-loops, and box pleats.  here are four of my favorites:

march madness

sorry i was out of pocket yesterday.  i’m going to be in the same boat today.  i’m taking a break from blogging to enjoy the ncaa tournament.  i hope you are too.  go dawgs and devils (note: i don’t actually like the blue devils – i just think they’re fun to watch in the tournament).

the strokes angles

the strokes new album angles comes out next tuesday, but you can preview the whole thing right here.  i’m beyond excited for some new music from these guys.  i’ve tried to stay away from reading too much about the album because i wanted to form my own opinion, but i cheated.  i listened to it last night and let it sit.  i’m listening to it again and i love it.  nothing will ever top is this it but that album was more than an album.  it defined music for the next decade.  i can’t believe it’s been 10 years since the strokes burst on to the scene.  welcome back.

the m-65 field jacket

valet and i must be on the same page.  i watched deer hunter last weekend and that got me thinking about taxi driver – which comes out on blu-ray april 5.  both are must see films if you’re a de niro fan.  the m-65 field jacket is a classic and worn by de niro’s character in the film.  it replaced the m-51 jacket during the vietnam war to keep the soldiers warm after the monsoonal rains.  the big difference between the m-51 and m-65 is that the m-65 is made out of nylon and the m-51 was made out of a heavy cotton.  the m-65 is a nice light-weight jacket to transition you from winter to spring.  it’s also a favorite of film-maker/blogger jake davis.  buy yours here.