white’s semi dress boots

i was first exposed to white’s semi dress boots at imogene + willie back in december.  i noticed them immediately.  they looked old, beat-up and rugged – like they were from a different time.  i asked the gentleman behind the counter to tell me more about them.  i can’t remember exactly what he said but it was something along the lines of them being absolutely perfect and worth every penny.  ever since that conversation, i’ve been curious these boots.  i noticed that matt eddmenson (from imogene + willie) mentioned them twice in march’s issue of free & easy, and last week one of my friends bought a pair.  we’re usually on the same page about boots, so i’m leaning towards making a purchase.

according to white’s website, they’ve been around since before the civil war.  otto white, the founder of the company, learned his craft from his father and grandfather.  in 1915, he moved the operation spokane, washington where they still are today.  otto’s goal was to create the best boot in the world.  besides the attention to detail and quality, white focused on comfort by patenting “arch ease” technology – a design that copies the contour of your foot.  notice how high the heel is – this is to give you “generous arch support when under the weight bearing bones of the leg.”  i’m all over a boot that’s rugged and comfortable.  consider me sold.

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