new warby parker frames

i’ve needed a new pair of glasses for a year now.  my prescription has changed enough to annoy me.  i’ve heard only good things from warby parker and last week i put them to the test.  the ordering process was simple: i found the glasses i liked, virtually tried them on, put my information in the system, and paid.  easy enough.  the next day i realized i wanted to change frame color and sent them an email expecting them to say too late.  a fantastic customer service rep named katie sent me an email back and said done.  all of this went down last wednesday.  on thursday they shipped.  yesterday they arrived.  i was so excited that i went home during lunch to the grab them.  they came in a nice warby parker branded box and when i opened the box there was a note (below) thanking me for buying them and giving me their email address and phone number in case i had issues.  i didn’t.  the glasses were flawless.  the color (amber) is exactly what i wanted and they’re so light i can barely feel them on my face.  i took them back to work for approval.  i got a thumbs up from everyone and then had 2 separate people tell me they needed new glasses but didn’t want to pay a fortune.  when i revealed i only paid $95 for these, they were shocked.  i sent them to wp’s website.  this is how you create fans.  great work, warby parker.

  1. June 29th, 2011

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