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white’s semi dress boots

i was first exposed to white’s semi dress boots at imogene + willie back in december.  i noticed them immediately.  they looked old, beat-up and rugged – like they were from a different time.  i asked the gentleman behind the counter to tell me more about them.  i can’t remember exactly what he said but it was something along the lines of them being absolutely perfect and worth every penny.  ever since that conversation, i’ve been curious these boots.  i noticed that matt eddmenson (from imogene + willie) mentioned them twice in march’s issue of free & easy, and last week one of my friends bought a pair.  we’re usually on the same page about boots, so i’m leaning towards making a purchase.

according to white’s website, they’ve been around since before the civil war.  otto white, the founder of the company, learned his craft from his father and grandfather.  in 1915, he moved the operation spokane, washington where they still are today.  otto’s goal was to create the best boot in the world.  besides the attention to detail and quality, white focused on comfort by patenting “arch ease” technology – a design that copies the contour of your foot.  notice how high the heel is – this is to give you “generous arch support when under the weight bearing bones of the leg.”  i’m all over a boot that’s rugged and comfortable.  consider me sold.

rewaxing your barbour

nice short video on rewaxing your barbour from the good folks at lark.  people keep telling me to send my barbour off, but i don’t think i can part with it for longer than a day.  buy your jacket dressing here.  let me know how it goes.  it looks pretty easy.

quoddy camp moc

this ad makes me want to buy a pair of camp mocs.  in fact, i think i need to.  they look really comfortable.  i had this post queued up for last week and forgot to hit publish.  this morning i received an email from j. crew reminding me about them.  i think it’s fate.

perfect shades

the sun just came out in nashville, so it’s time to start thinking about sunglasses.  i’ve always fancied myself a ray-ban man, but it never hurts to add a couple of different pairs to your rotation.  i love moscot eye-wear.   they’re a new york based company that have been around for over 100 years.  they’re big on customer service.  i know this because i visited their store last spring.  a buddy of mine took them a pair of broken sunglasses and they fixed them in a couple of hours.  they even kept the store open late so he could pick them up.  a lot of people buy cheap sunglasses.  stop doing that.  buy them from moscot and take good care of them, because moscot will take good care of you.  two of my favorites are the nebb (top pic) and the lemtosh (below).

worthy style advice from esquire

after seeing the adjustment bureau on Sunday, i mentioned the hats they wore in the film.  esquire has some good advice on whether or not you should wear one:

What’s your problem with hats? Should no one, anywhere, wear a hat
unless he’s bald?

I like some hats, and I even have a favorite battered Borsalino
exclusively for gardening. I simply feel that in the 21st century, a
man cannot wear a brimmed hat like a fedora without making some kind
of statement. A man does not wear a fedora now to fit in, as he did in
our grandfathers’ time; he wears it to stand out and to say, “Hey,
look at me, I’ve got a hat on!” If you’re good with that, fine. If
not, equally fine.

agreed completely.  they also tackle the issue of tailoring your jeans:

I recently purchased a some nice jeans, but they’re too long. How do I
find a good tailor?
What you need is what is called a European hem — a good alterations
tailor removes cloth from each leg and then reattaches the original
finished hem so the join is barely visible. Get some local
recommendations for the tailor; a good test is to ask the tailor how
he would tackle it. And finally, wash your new jeans before getting
them altered, as shrinkage can occur in the wash.

store that information away for the next time you visit a new tailor.  it’s taken me 4 pairs of ruined jeans and 4 new tailors to find one that understands the “european hem” because i didn’t know how to explain it.

double monk challenger

in one corner we have run of the mill double monks and in the other corner the challenger from ovadia & sons.  props to paul at dreams of perfection for his post on these ovadia & sons double monks.  i’ve been planning on placing a pre-order for the run of the mill version, but these ovadia & sons are – to quote paul – “the definition of perfect.”  i love both the suede and dark calfskin.  if you don’t know anything about ovadia & sons, go get educated.  you will be seeing a lot of them in the coming years.

update: white authentics and leather laces

last month i mentioned my obsession with white authentics and leather laces.  i think they look brilliant.  i finally ordered my authentics a couple of weeks ago, and last week i went looking for leather laces.  i started at the mall and found a whole lot of nothing.  a salesman at our local department store pointed me to a shoe repair store.  i bought two laces there for $5 a piece.  not kidding.  what a mistake.  i went to target next and found several pairs of leather laces for $3.  i got ripped off but the shoes look fantastic.  it’s amazing what different laces can do for shoes.

verdict: the patchwork shirt

valet’s ‘outlook’ column this morning is on patchwork shirts (left gant right mcnairy).  mark mcnairy calls it a ‘fun shirt’.  i call it a mess.  i’m not saying you shouldn’t buy one if it fits your style, but i don’t like them.  i remember seeing these as a kid.  i actually think my grandparents bought me one for christmas.  it reminded me of fruit stripes gum (if you remember that).  i realize they’re “in” this spring/summer since everyone from gitman bros. vintage to j. press is making a version, but i just don’t dig it.

spring shirt options: l.l. bean signature

l.l. bean’s signature’s stuff is good quality for the price.  there are several shirts i like on their site, but these are a few of my favorites.  if you don’t have a casual white oxford shirt for the weekend, the one below will run you $49.   that ain’t too bad.  i’m also a big fan of the linen/cotton canvas blend shirt with the one flap button pocket.  the one below is listed as navy but looks more charcoal to me.

the adjustment bureau

i caught the adjustment bureau yesterday afternoon and really enjoyed it.  i thought the movie did two things well: 1) they attempted to answer any questions they could about free will vs fate by carefully explaining everything that was happening in the lives of the two main characters (matt damon and emily blunt).  every time i had a question, they would answer it.  i realize that’s the purpose of the plot but a lot of movies forget that.  the second thing i enjoyed (2) was the style in the film.  say what you will about men in hats, but the characters in the film pull them off flawlessly.  we’re so used to seeing idiots in the clubs and on reality tv with ‘statement’ hats on that we forget hats can be a nice accessory to a well tailored suit.  the suits in the film are updated versions of your classic navy and gray standards.  when i say updated i mean better fitted with barely any break.  they looked great on screen paired with a matching tie.  i’d see it again.  it’s just a shame emily blunt is so hard to look at (kidding of course).