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weekend review

this picture sums up my entire weekend.  my wife was out of town so i spent my whole saturday in this leather chair due to the rain (notice the bean boots).  i watched 3 movies, a basketball game, and saturday night live.  i think i took this picture late saturday night after a couple of whiskey drinks and a few beers.  i was trying to take a picture of the guitar because it’s a beautiful beautiful thing, but the rest of the room fit.  quiet weekends like these are my favorite (but with my wife in town of course).

considering: quoddy loafers

i have two pairs of loafers: bass weejuns and classic gucci bit loafers.  i’m considering adding another pair to my growing shoe collection.  i love these quoddy loafers available at j. crew.  quoddy guarantees their products for a lifetime which is reason enough to invest in a pair of their shoes.  i’ve got a little j. crew credit left over from christmas so i’m going to go with these or a pair of their bluchers.

spring shirt options: ledbury

i first heard about ledbury from a friend that went to school with one of their founders.  he talked about them so much that i finally asked if he had some stake in the company.  he might have, but that’s not the reason he wanted me to buy one he told me.  he kept talking about the quality and the fit and the collars.  he said these guys know their s**t.  they learned from one of the best shirt makers in europe.  he was right.  now ledbury is blowing up like crazy.  you can find them on any men’s style blog or in any men’s magazine.  they’ve added a couple of new shirts for the spring.  here are some of my favorites:

necessary: the ipad 2

i’m an apple fan.  full disclosure: i waited in line for the last 2 iphones the day they came out.  am i embarrassed?  no, not at all.  they’ve served me well.  i’ve convinced friends and parents to make the transition to apple.  macs are so much easier to use i tell them.  after they buy one, they agree.  so when apple made the announcement about the ipad 2 today, i was on @macrumorslive following the presentation.  i almost wrecked my car when i saw steve jobs was there.

i didn’t buy the first ipad.  i can’t tell you why.  i wanted to.  i don’t know how many times i walked into the apple store with the intent to purchase one and then walked back out.  i think it’s mostly about price.  i couldn’t part with $700.  in all honesty, i still don’t want to, but i have to.  the new ipad 2 is thinner, lighter, and faster than the old one.  in addition, they’ve added a camera on both sides of the device so you can use it to capture images or use the facetime app.  they’re also releasing garage band and imovie for the ipad, so you can edit and create content on the go.  i’m impressed.

required listening

i couldn’t live without astral weeks. it’s one of those albums you listen to and can’t explain what is it about it that grabs your attention.  is it the mood?  is it the songwriting?  is it the voice?  it’s slow and undefinable.  it’s vulnerable.  when it came out in 1968, the critics adored it, but the public ignored it.  40+ years later you can find it on the list of best albums ever made (it sits #19 on rolling stones list).  i find myself pulling it out at the beginning of spring and listening to it the whole way through several times.  “sweet thing” is and will always be my favorite van morrison song.  a close second is “cyprus avenue.”  if you’re looking for the perfect transition music from winter to spring, throw on astral weeks, fix yourself a nice drink, and get lost.

run of the mill double monk strap shoes

the men’s style blogosphere blew up last week when lawrence from sartorially inclined dropped his run of the mill double monk strap shoes.  i’ll admit i didn’t get hip to double monk straps until i started following sartorially inclined a year or so ago.  in fact, i emailed lawrence while i was in new york last month and asked where i could find some double monk straps for somewhere in between $250-$400.  he said i probably couldn’t find any on the cheap and to wait until his “dub monks” were on the market next month.  well, they’re officially here and available for pre-order.  i think they look fantastic.  the shoes were made in one of the finest ready-to-wear shoe factories in italy.  they also kept the design simple by using a more rounded last which is not as aggressive as some of the pointier double monks on the market.  if you’re thinking about buying a pair of double monks, this is a great entry point.  review to come when they get delivered.