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brooks brothers baseball jacket

i’m glad to see the baseball jacket continue to make a resurgence.  one of my favorites of the season comes from ivy league staple brooks brothers.  they didn’t try to modernize the jacket.  instead, they opted for the classic two-tone, snap-button baseball jacket we saw growing up on the sandlot.  if you’re looking for a nice light weight jacket for the spring, give this one a look.

supreme x clarks desert chukka

i did it.  i told myself i wasn’t going to, but i did it anyway.  i couldn’t help it.  hype got the better of me.  i bought a pair of supreme x clarks desert chukkas 1 minute after they went on sale.  it was a panic move.  i have an itchy trigger finger aka i know my debit card number by heart.  it’s sad really.  these were too good to pass on.  my friend elliott called me at 9:30 to let me know they were going on sale at 11:30 eastern.  i told him i wasn’t interested, but the more he talked about them the more i realized i needed to make an effort.  i wanted the tan.  they were sold out before they went on sale so i went with the grey.  pics to come when they arrive.

walk over shoes

while doing my usual blog recon this morning, i stumbled upon walk over shoes and some wonderful looking bucks.  immediately the navy bucks with the red brick soles caught my attention.  the buck game has been dominated by mark mcnairy, but i’ve never clicked buy because i didn’t feel comfortable with the price point.  walk over shoes is not a new company, but their online store is new today from what i understand.  please head over to walk over and check out their inventory.  classic looking shoes at a nice price.  they’re not cheap by any means, but definitely affordable and definitely great looking.

sunglasses rotation

the other day someone at my office asked if i had on new sunglasses.  i told him they were not new and that i had a couple of pairs that i rotate depending on the mood i’m in.  he looked at me at a little funny.  i’m not sure why.  i think sunglasses are an essential piece of anybody’s wardrobe.  i get bored easily, so it’s nice to change it up from time to time.  one of my pet peeves is when people tell me they buy cheap sunglasses because they think they’ll lose them.  hogwash.  buy yourself a nice pair and take care of them.  i don’t mean blow your whole paycheck.  get you a nice pair of ray-bans.  they won’t set you back too much.  i tend to stick to styles that i know won’t go out of style like wayfarers or aviators.  my sunglasses rotation for the spring and summer from top to bottom:

ray-ban wayfarer (black)

ray-ban wayfarer (tortoise)

ray-ban clubmaster

ray-ban caravan

this post is not sponsored by ray-ban, but i wish it was.  i like ray-bans because they fit my face better than other brands and they’re easy to find.

tennis shoes

white tennis shoes are the perfect footwear for spring/summer.  i’ve mentioned my obsession with adidas rod lavers a couple of times now, but i noticed these new balance pro court tennis shoes last night while doing some j. crew new item recon.  i’m really interested in seeing a pair.  for $55 there’s no reason i shouldn’t order these.  they look a little bit like my holy grail of tennis shoes – the collaboration between nike and apc that came out in 2009.  behold:

if i pull the trigger on the new balance, i’ll post some pics.  and if you find some the nike x apc kicks on ebay or elsewhere in a size 9.5 or 10, let me know asap.

congrats sneds

congratulations are in order for native nashvillian brandt snedeker.  he shot a 64 in the final round of the heritage at hilton head, sc to force a playoff with luke donald.  he won the three hole playoff denying luke the number 1 world ranking.  it’s brandt’s 2nd win on the pga tour.  i’m so excited for my old friend.

jackie robinson day

64 years ago today jackie robinson broke the color barrier by becoming the first ever african american major league baseball player.  april 15 is always one of my favorite days of the baseball season.  it’s great to see players show their respect by wearing jackie’s number 42 jersey.  god bless jackie robinson.

verdict: espadrilles

espadrilles keep trying to make a comeback.  at the end of last summer, they started to gain some momentum – which has carried into 2011.  a friend of mine called me not too long ago and said he had just purchased a pair.  i told him i didn’t like them on dudes.  we then had a heated argument about the cheap shoes that could have potentially ended our friendship (not really but i think i made him mad).  and earlier this week valet listed them as part of their “spring shoe week.”  i can see their appeal (especially if you’re like me and think flip-flops were only made for the beach), but i just don’t think i’d look good in them.  now that they’re showing up more and more, i’m becoming more accepting of them.  verdict: if hemingway wore them, then they’re ok.  olivia palermo’s boyfriend wears them the right way (below).  with that said, we all don’t look like olivia palermo’s boyfriend, so proceed with caution.

required listening

last night while my wife was at some women’s wine tasting event, i got the guitar out for the first time in months.  i found myself moving through most of the bob marley tunes i can play from memory – “no woman, no cry”, “trenchtown rock”, “i shot the sheriff”, and a few others.  it got me thinking about the way bob marley is viewed in popular music.  to a music snob like myself when i hear someone listening to legend i think what a tool.  terrible attitude to have, but i can’t help it.  greatest hits people kill me.  i like to hear the song how it was intended to sound in the place the producer put it on the album. 

natty dread is my favorite marley album.  it has the studio version of “no woman, no cry” as well as “them belly full”, “lively up yourself”, “bend down low”, and “talkin’ blues.”  it’s a significant album in marley’s discography because it’s the first one he released under “bob marley & the wailers” as opposed to “the wailers.”  if all you have in your collection is legend, spend the time and money on natty, catch a fire, burnin’, and kaya – you don’t have to be a huge marley fan to understand the genius in those albums.

new kicks

i saw these on uncrate.  instant purchase.  how could i not?  i gave you a couple of non-new balance options a few posts ago, but who am kidding?  i’m a new balance man and these are as fresh as they get.  the official name of the shoe is the 710 heritage trail shoe.  i could probably find a trail around here somewhere if i wanted to use them for that, but i think they’ll do just fine walking the streets of nashville.