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my go-to-coat

taking inspiration from skip brooks at alex grant i thought i’d post a quick picture of my go-to-coat before i put it away for the summer.  i bought my barbour bedale 2 years ago and can’t imagine life without it.  it sounds ridiculous to say that about a jacket, but it’s traveled everywhere with me.  it can take a beating by any type of weather and still look good.  you can wear it over layers of clothing or just over a t-shirt and it still fits perfectly.  my wife claims she’s never seen me without it.  that might be true.  if you don’t own anything from barbour, you’re a fool.  save yourself a little extra cash and make the purchase.  you won’t regret it and you won’t leave home without it.  thanks for the idea, skip.

the best dressed golfer

i mentioned last week that  on my way to the masters i stopped in atlanta to play bobby jones’ home course east lake country club. one of the most incredible things about playing east lake was the bobby jones memorabilia scattered throughout the club house.  it was full of pictures and trophies and equipment that bobby used.  it got me thinking about golf in the early 20th century and how people referred to it as “a gentleman’s game.”  the players would come to the course wearing wool slacks (on their real waist), neckties, plaid socks, and knickers.  their shoes were two-tone leather that might look good with a suit, and their hair was slicked back and nicely trimmed.  the most stylish of them all was none other than bobby jones.  it’s a shame there are some knuckleheads playing professional golf that look more suited for a club (in the vegas sense of the word).  you know the ones i’m talking about that wear big belt buckles matched with loud pants and tacky shirts (i’m talking to you ricky fowler).  it’d be nice if some golfers would go retro for a tournament or two.  i won’t hold my breath.  on the next page, you’ll find a couple more pictures of bobby jones showing off his impeccable golf style.  enjoy.    Continue reading

new music tuesday

here’s what i’m buying tuesday april 12:

jason isbell and the 400 unit here we rest.  i love isbell’s songwriting, so buying this disc is a no-brainer.  i’m not sure if he’ll ever top his work with the truckers on decoration day (see “outfit”), but “alabama pines” and “codeine” are worth the price of admission.

foo fighters wasting light.  it’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years since nirvana released nevermind.  for this album, dave grohl and company get back to doing what they do best – rocking – with nevermind producer butch vig.  the result is the best album they’ve made since their first two.

tv on the radio nine types of light.  tv on the radio are by far one of my favorite bands of the last decade.  on nine types of light, the band slows it down, gets focused, and makes some beautiful music.  it’s more of a background disc than a party disc like 2008’s dear science, but it’s one you want in your collection.

essential: l.l. bean blucher mocs

consider me late to the party.  i’ve always wanted a pair of these, but just haven’t pulled the trigger for whatever reason.  a couple of weeks ago i had breakfast with a good friend and he told me i needed some essential kicks before i started blowing money on more expensive ventures like whites boots.  the l.l. bean blucher mocs were the first shoes he mentioned.  advice taken.  i know some blucher moc traditionalists are upset that bean squared off the toe recently, but i still think they look great.  i’m looking forward to breaking these in.

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masters loot

i’m back from my week long journey.  it’s good to be home.  on thursday morning at 7:40 am i watched jack nicklaus and arnold palmer open the masters golf tournament by hitting the first two balls off the first tee.  it was an incredible sight to see arguably the two greatest golfers ever on the same tee in the flesh.  after they walked off the tee, we hit the masters gift shop.  i’ve been lucky enough to attend the tournament a couple of times now, so this year i knew what i was looking for: a navy pullover, a green hat, a red golf shirt, and a tie.  success.  i was in and out of there in 5 minutes.

there’s no telling how much money augusta national racks up on merchandise during the week of the masters.  when you’re in the gift shop, you’re not just shopping for yourself; you’re shopping for you and the 10 other people that have asked you to get them something.  it feels like black friday with people running around grabbing everything in sight and heading to the check out lanes.  there’s also the fear that you’ll never be back, so you might as well buy everything this trip.

what is it about masters gear that’s so special?  well, you can’t get it anywhere else.  it’s not for sale online and i bet it never will be.  it’s like a secret club.  inevitably someone will notice the logo and ask you if you’ve been.  i’ve never seen an item of clothing spark more conversation than something with the masters logo on it.  sadly, if you asked me my favorite part about the masters, golf would come in third behind the sandwiches (post to come) and the merchandise.  money well spent.

masters bound


apologies for no new posts since thursday. it’s been a busy 4 days. i went to vegas last friday for the academy of country music awards. in vegas, dudes dress like they’re on their way to tape an epsiode of mtv’s “the grind.” the statement hats there are out if control, so is the irony. i returned last night to a house with no power, so i was unable to auto-post for the week. the good news is that i downloaded the wordpress app for the ipad which is why you’re getting a post tonight.

i’m now on my way to augusta by way of atlanta for the masters golf tournament. this morning I had the pleasure of playing the east lake country club aka the home of bobby jones (above). his southern golfer stlye is impeccable. you can expect a post on bobby and the masters golf tournament this friday when I return from my journey. i will have much to report.