going gracefully

last night as i was looking in the mirror, it occurred to me that my hair won’t be here forever.  every haircut that i get from here on out could be my last (not really but in the interest of being dramatic i’ll say that).  my hair has been with me for 30 years now.  it’s shown no signs of going anywhere until a couple of months ago.  i don’t know if i’m super paranoid because i’m 30 or if it’s really receding at the pace i think it is.  either way it’s on my mind.

i’ve had a receding hairline for as long as i can remember.  in grade school, a good friend of mine was kind of enough to tell me about it.  i went home and asked my mom what he meant.  ever since then i’ve been slightly self conscious about my hair but in all honesty it still seems thick enough to sustain a couple of more years.

so yesterday evening as i pulled my hair back and gave my hairline a good look, i started thinking about those celebrities we see on a regular basis that have had receding hairlines and have gone about it the right way.  it’s encouraging for me to look at a heath ledger or a jude law and know that women still think these dudes are good looking.  if their hair can go gracefully, then why can’t mine.

pics on the next page…

since we lost james so early, it’s tough to say what he would have looked like at 50, but his hairline was trending upward.

i’m willing to bet that when most people think about celebrity receding hairlines they think about jack.  he never tried to hide it.  that’s how you do it.

jude law does more with his hairline than most.

i always thought ledger had cool hair even though it was receding.

goofy picture of mcconaughey and lance armstrong, but their hair has gone gracefully (for the most part – i think mcconaughey got transplants at one point & lance’s hair is all there it’s just receded a bit).

i almost forgot to put bull murray in here.  he’s another great example of how to let it go gracefully.  erk reminded me that his character in kingpin shows us how not do it.

i include de niro, because i’m hoping my hair goes the way his does.  i hope it hits a point of recession and then stops only to thin later in life.

apologies for the self-loathing post.  i thought it would be a nice change of pace.  i’m willing to bet more men out there are as concerned as i am.  the good news is that we can let it go gracefully if we must let it go.

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