new glove

it occurred to me last week that i no longer had a baseball glove.  i bet i could go to my parents house and find it somewhere, but i don’t want to.  my childhood glove is sacred.  my dad gave it to me.  it was the one he used growing up.  it was beat to hell and if you caught a line drive it would sting the palm of your hand because the leather was so worn down.  it didn’t matter to me.  he played with it so i was determined to play with it.  although i gave up playing baseball in high school, my love for the game has never been stronger.  there’s nothing better than spending the afternoon at the ballpark or watching a game on tv after work.  when my new glove arrived at the office today, i tore through the box in a matter of seconds and screamed when i saw it.  if you want to feel 13 years old again, then buy yourself a new baseball glove…and if i have a son one day, then this glove will be his – after it’s broken in of course.

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