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homage to the usa

extreme patriotism expressed by frat guys in american flag t-shirts with eagles on them is pretty obnoxious.  this throwback “usa” t-shirt from homage is not.  it may be a little late to order for your independence day celebration, but it wouldn’t hurt you to wear year round.  homage has some good looking vintage-styled t-shirts for your shopping pleasure.  i would encourage you to check them out if you have some time.

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warby parker sunglasses

warby parker sunglasses are finally here.  there have been rumblings of their existence for quite sometime.  if you’re not keen on warby parker, it’s time to get educated.  i mentioned them back in march when i bought my first pair of frames.  i absolutely love them.  5 out of 5 stars if we had to go there.  i even convinced my wife to buy some.  on our trip to the beach last month, three people in the airport told her they liked her glasses (i’m sure they would have liked mine, but i wasn’t wearing them at the time).  moving right along…the sunglasses are now available on their site for pre-order.  they’ll run you a cool $95 polarized.  you read that correctly: i said polarized.  that’s an insane price for this kind of quality.  plus, when you buy a pair, wp donates a pair to a person in need.  incredible.  now go buy some sunglasses.

the return of the tretorn

if you’ve been reading your blogroll lately, you’ve probably seen tretorns mentioned enough to make you take notice.  i certainly have.  they’re quickly becoming a new summer standard to rotate in with your authentics and lavers.  most are going with the white and changing out laces to add a personal touch.  i like the white ones, but i’m gonna change it up and get these navy ones found here.  tretorns are not a new brand.  they’ve been around since 1891 and released the canvas nylite tennis shoe in 1967.  they were considered the first luxury tennis shoe and were prominent in the 1970s.  i’m glad to see them making a comeback.

skip brooks of alex grant in his tretorns

nico of nickel cobalt in his tretorns

lawrence of sartorially inclined in his tretorns

a moveable feast

last night i went and saw woody allen’s new movie midnight in paris.  i highly recommend it if a) you’re a woody allen fan and b) you like the music and literature of the 1920’s especially ernest hemingway and f. scott fitzgerald.  i saw some critics refer to it as a romantic comedy.  i guess you could call it that if you call annie hall a romantic comedy.  i didn’t know much about the film before seeing it and that’s the best way to go into it i.e. i’m not going to give anything away.  my next project will be to read hemingway’s a moveable feast.  i have a feeling allen took a lot of his material from hemingway’s account of paris in the 1920’s.  great movie.

(hemingway in paris in the 1920s)

arnold palmer umbrella visor

as i mentioned on monday, i’ve been on a quest for old school visors, so i started thinking about the coolest logo in golf and wondered if it was possible to find a visor with the arnold palmer umbrella on it.  mission accomplished.  pga tour shop had me covered and for cheap ($12).  if you’re wondering why arnie chose an umbrella, i’ll tell you.  according to sources (aka the internet), arnie’s always been well aware of his brand, so when they formed arnold palmer industries, arnie knew they needed some sort of symbol to stand out.  as they went down the list of golf companies, they realized most of the items associated with golf – clubs, balls, hats, etc. – had been taken, so arnie said, “what about an umbrella.”  his business associates told him that the umbrella was probably not available but they’d look into it.  sure enough, it wasn’t trademarked and arnie used the multicolored umbrella for his brand.  the reason for it’s success is because arnie’s such a badass.  he could have chosen a pink bunny rabbit and his merchandise would still sell.

what i’m listening to

cults cults.  it ain’t the beach boys but it’s what summer music should sound like.  initially, i was afraid of this album because pitchfork was so excited about it, but after a two song preview i hit purchase on the whole thing.  it’s full of songs you’ll soon hear in every beer commercial.

arctic monkeys suck it and see.  the title is goofy, but the music is incredible.  their last album was a bit of a let down, but their forth lp is the best since their debut.  the boys are growing up.

bon iver bon iver.  it’s amazing how much hype has been attached to bon iver.  there was hype after “skinny love” leaked.  there was hype after for emma came out and even more hype after kanye asked him to contribute to his last album.  he’s handled it like a champ and made an album every bit as good as his debut.

next up: persol 649

i’ve owned one pair of persol sunglasses in my lifetime.  i bought them on my honeymoon around this time last summer.  we were in st. barts and i had a little extra cash per a wedding gift.  they were bit big for my face, but i didn’t really mind.  i went with the 714 model.  the ones that look exactly like the picture above but fold in the middle.  at first, the folding didn’t bother me.  i thought it looked cool.  i could take them off and put them in my front pocket.  after a month, the folding became a hassle.  every time i took them off they would self-fold and when i tightened the screw they became difficult to fold.  even the folds on the sides of the sunglasses would steal a hair or two if i wasn’t careful taking them off.  i sold them on ebay for about what i paid for them (nice to know they don’t lose too much value if you make a mistake).  i’ve been meaning to replace them with the 649 model (above) ever since.  now is the time.  i realize folding sunglasses are making a comeback (see new ray-ban wayfarers), but count me out on this one.  they’re not worth the trouble.

book review: icons of men’s style

i received my copy of icons of men’s style yesterday and couldn’t be happier.  it’s exactly what i expected/wanted.  it’s broken down into 7 chapters: outerwear, trousers, shoes, underwear, tailoring, shirts & sweaters, and accessories.  each chapter takes a garment in that category, tells the story, and names the icon(s) who made it popular.  below are a few shots of the book.  if you’ve ever looked up to mcqueen, dean, grant or other trailblazers of yesterday, then buy this book or buy it for a friend.  it’s money well spent. 

only picture i’ll be posting from pitti uomo

pitti uomo was held last week and the internet is full of wonderful pictures from it.  the picture above is the only one i’ll be posting.  navy chinos and brown wallabees are a look i will be stealing this fall.  for more inspiration and pics, click here.

they don’t make ’em like they used to

i spent an hour of my time on saturday looking for a new golf visor online.  i don’t wear visors socially; i only wear them to play golf in the summer because it’s too hot to wear a hat.  i figured googling “golf visor” would garner the results i needed.  it didn’t.  all the visors that popped up were the sport kind – the ones that fit more like a hat with a hole in the top.  i didn’t want one of those.  i wanted an old-school, big-billed golf visor with the slide-to-fit clasp.  luckily, i had an opportunity to play golf at the golf club of tennessee yesterday.  i figured they might have exactly what i was looking for.  they had 4 of them and they were hidden behind the sport visors.  i grabbed the navy one below.

i can’t figure out why these visors are so hard to find.  they’re classic and look great.  if you find one at your club or while attending a golf event, please pick me up one.  i’ll get you back for it.