outlet store fail

i’m back from the beach and not happy about it.  i had every intention of posting a few things last week while on vacation, but the internet went down at the beach house and was never to be heard from again – which is probably a good thing because it was supposed to be a vacation.

one rainy morning, my wife and i made our way to the silver sands outlet mall.  please understand, the words outlet mall scare the shit out of me to begin with, but i figured we had nothing else to do so i might as well check it out.  my parents told me they had a j. crew and that would be enough to justify the trip.

my first stop was the hat store, lids .  i’m a huge fan of baseball hats.  i don’t wear them a lot, but i found a brand i love and lids is the only place i can find them (post on these coming soon).  the store had plenty of disgustingly tacky, marked down hats with oversized team logos on them, but not what i was looking for.  fail #1

i left lids and went to j. crew for redemption.  immediately when i walked in, i noticed a 30% off sign on the rack of “chambray” shirts.  i walked over there and to my disgust saw some of the cheapest made shirts i’ve ever seen.  they had the right design, but looked plastic and itchy.  i tried to snap a picture of the shirts, but couldn’t get a good one since people were looking at me.  fail #2

my next stop was new balance.  i needed a new pair of 993s to kick around in and thought they might have something comparable.  they did.  they carried the 992s and 993s, but they didn’t have any normal sizes.  they were all EE and either really short or really long.  the price was nice ($109 – see below), but there was no size close to the 10.5 i needed.  fail #3

at this point, i gave up and let my wife hit a few more stores.  she couldn’t find anything either.  i don’t mean to sound like a snob, but i can’t do outlet stores.  i can’t compromise quality for price.  i realize they’re not built for a shopper like me, but at least now i know never to go to one again.

(i also went to lacoste, polo, and sperry but those weren’t worth mentioning.  total fail.)

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