music city miracle #2

taking a break from the norm here, i’d like to mention how incredible u2 was saturday night.  i’ve had the good fortune of seeing them 5 times and saturday night’s show was one of their best.  they opened the show playing 4 songs from achtung baby (even better, the fly, mysterious ways, end of the world) and then went right into a killer version “i will follow” complete with creepy shirtless fan joining bono onstage to sing the last verse.  the rest of the set included the usual u2 hits (still haven’t found, vertigo, pride, elevation, bloody sunday, etc).  the two moments that stood out the most were #1 bono doing johnny cash’s part of “the wanderer” – a song never performed in front of a live audience – and #2 bono granting a blind fan’s wish by asking him on stage to play “all i want is you” for his wife (video below).  hard to believe it’s been 30 years since they’ve played here.  i told a friend yesterday it was the best thing to happen to nashville since the music city miracle.

    • Kendall
    • July 5th, 2011

    “Beautiful Day” was amazing too. love the post.

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