ryan gosling makes a case for red wings in the summer

i assure you this is not a ryan gosling fan appreciation blog, but with a movie coming out next week he’s hard to avoid on the internet.  i grabbed this picture yesterday when i noticed his footwear of choice: red wing 875s.  if you’ve been reading this blog since it’s inception, then you know that i’m a big fan of anything red wing especially 875s.  when the temperature began to rise in april, i put my boots in the back of my closet with the understanding that they would be on my feet again in september.  seeing gosling in his in the middle of july has me wondering if i should take them for a spin this summer.  i realize the weather is 20 degrees hotter here in nashville than it is in los angeles, but who cares.  my feet can handle it.

    • Den
    • October 22nd, 2013

    Not to be a perfectionist or whatever but…those arent 875 those are actually the 1907 copper rough and tough. I’m kinda a Gosling fanboy unfortunately haha. I plan on getting these soon though! i hope i get the right size…i normally wear an 8.5 so ill go with an 8!

      • cooper
      • October 22nd, 2013

      by God I think you’re correct. can’t believe I didn’t catch that. both are moc toe, but made on different lasts. the 1907 is made on the 45 last and comes with an insole, so buy your normal size. the 875 is made on the 23 and runs 1/2 size bigger because there is no insole.

        • dennis
        • October 22nd, 2013

        Hmm I’ve red tons of reviews saying I should cut down a half size on these babies.im not too much of an expert on red wings so I wouldnt really know…but I do really like the 1907s gosling has! Is your blog fashion based? Im trying to get an awesome fall/winter jacket but its hard to find a good looking one. Have your heard of deck jackets? I was hoping you could help me find a similar jacket to goslings if you look up”ryan gosling deck jacket.” I honestly cant seem to find these type of jackets anywhere and if I do its like 400-600$$. Awesome blog by the way, so far!

    • Tom
    • February 7th, 2015

    Just came across this post, and I know it’s some time later but actually those boots are the original 875s, with Oro-iginal leather and black eyelets. You can still get them: since the introduction of the new 875 with Oro-legacy leather, they’ve been recoded as 10875 and are listed as a work boot rather than part of the Heritage line up. Hope this helps!

  1. April 11th, 2012

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