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coming soon: the smile sessions

if you’re a beach boys fan, then this is exciting news.  the “lost” 1966-67 smile sessions will be released on november 1 in extreme fashion.  you can opt for the 2 disc cd or the box set which includes 5 cds, 2 lps, 2 7” inch singles, a 60 page book, a poster of the original artwork, and a couple of other things.  if you’re unfamiliar with smile, let me give you the cliffs notes: smile was supposed to be the follow up to pet sounds (one of the greatest albums of all time), but brian wilson had a nervous breakdown during the making of the album and never finished it.  it’s become somewhat of a legend and mystery to music fans.  you can pre-order your box set at amazon.  bonus: here’s a little video the beach boys capitol put together to announce the release:

know your audience

i was a communications major in college, so i had to take a bunch of speech classes.  the first thing they teach you in speech class is to know your audience.  in a couple of hours, i have to present a small token of appreciation to a couple of songwriters and one artist that bleeds red and black.  i figured this would be an appropriate time to bust out the uga tie.  always remember that when dressing for an event or speaking in front of a crowd, know your audience.  go dawgs.

around the internet

i meant to post these links last week, but didn’t get around to it.  my blogging hombres have been doing some good work and i thought it’d be nice to mention it (even though i wasn’t invited to join their fantasy football league – what’s up with that – just kidding).

red clay soul’s early season tailgating style: persols, aldens, l.l. bean oxford, red pants, uga belt…what else do you need?  i’ll be piggy-backing this post later in the week.  good stuff.

will the gant cricket v-neck be this year’s norwegian sweater?  a headlong dive makes his case for it.  jeremiah says, “if you don’t like it, you don’t like menswear.”  classic.

skip brooks at alex grant reveals his “fall fleet.”  i think he got a new camera or has been perfecting his picture taking.  looking good, skip.  i’m working on my fall rotation as well.

new tune monday

three albums of note were released today.  i’m starting to like these monday releases.  looks like kanye and jay-z started a new trend with watch the throne.  who’s decision was it to release stuff on tuesdays anyway?  monday makes a lot more sense.  here’s what i’m downloading:

red hot chili peppers i’m with you.  the red hot chili peppers are one of my all-time favorite bands, so any time they release a new album, i’m buyin’.  i was worried they wouldn’t sound as good without guitarist john frusciante, but new axe-man josh klinghoffer takes over admirably.  initial reaction: better than 2006’s stadium arcadium.

lil wayne tha carter iv.  this is one i’ve been excited about for a while.  tha carter iii and da drought 3 were on constant rotation in my car in 2007/2008.  i stayed away from last years rebirth – figuring rap rock should have died with limp bizkit – so i’m expecting big things from this release.  besides the singles (“john”, “she will”, “6 foot 7 foot”, “how to love”), i haven’t heard anything else.  i’ll let you know how it is, but if you’re a lil tunechi fan then you’ve probably already heard it, baby.

david guetta nothing but the beatdon’t judge.  guetta is a guilty pleasure.  i realize this is the a-hole responsible for “i’ve got a feeling” but don’t hold that against him.  dude’s got talent.  i’m loving the lead single “where them girls at” mainly because nicki minaj is a mutha-f**king monster.  great running music.

the perfect fall shirt: the oxford button down

fall is right around the corner.  if you’re thinking about what shirts you should stock up on this season, look no further than the classic oxford button down.  they never go out of style and you can never have too many.  plus they’re low maintenance – they look good nicely ironed or a little bit wrinkled.  i tend to stick the classic blue and white, but don’t let that prevent you from adding some color to your life.  here are four companies doing oxfords right:

ralph lauren


j. crew

gitman bros vintage

skull + crossbones dog collar from knot belt co.

i have the world’s sweetest dog.  i realize i’m biased and cannot prove this statement, but i’ll put her up against any other dog.  as much as appreciate her sweet disposition, i’ve always wanted her to have a little bit of an edge just in case i was in trouble and needed protection or whatever.  well, that’s never gonna happen, so why not make her look tough with with this skull + crossbones dog collar from knot belt co.  she’ll still roll over on her back in the face of danger, but at least she’ll look like a total badass.

the moras have arrived

you might remember a couple of weeks ago when i mentioned allen edmonds were bringing back their mora double monk strap shoes for their custom collection.  it took a day of deliberation, but i ordered a pair in the chili burnished calf.  they said it would take 6-8 weeks for the shoes to arrive.  well, they surprised me last wednesday when they sent me an email saying they had shipped and would be here friday.  i missed the ups person last week, so they were dropped off this morning.  they are absolutely perfect in every way (as you can see below).  if you’re on the fence about double monks or unsure of which place you should click buy, give these a try.  you won’t be disappointed.