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quick word about drive

i recently saw drive.  it’s easily one of the best films of the year.  a couple of things worth noting: 1) the soundtrack is incredible – sets the mood of the film perfectly.  2) the scorpion jacket ryan gosling wears in the film is custom made and inspired by korean souvenir jackets from the 1950s.  3) the boots are a cap toe boot made by stacy adams.  4) the jean jacket is vintage levi’s.  5) his watch is a replica of a patek phillippe and currently not for sale.  5) the bag he uses in the film is a large filson duffle.  6) sunglasses are selima optique.

mackinaw cruiser vs the irvine jacket

the new j. crew catalog arrived sometime last week.  thumbing through it i noticed a jacket eerily similar to the filson mackinaw cruiser.  j. crew is calling it the irvine jacket (bottom pic).  it’s essentially the exact same jacket as filson’s.  it’s wool with chest flap pockets, handwarmer pockets, and buttons at the cuff.  it doesn’t look half bad, but i’d still go for the mackinaw cruiser.  filson’s been making their jacket since 1914;  j. crew since 2011.  no contest here.

behind every great man…

…there’s a great dog.  for the record, i’m not saying i’m great; i just thought it sounded clever (sorry trip).  i wanted to take some blog space to share a few more pics of riley.  i got her a little over 5 years ago and couldn’t imagine life without her.  she’s one of the coolest dogs i’ve ever been around.  she didn’t chew anything up when she was a pup and she hasn’t barked since the first night i brought her home.  her only fault would be that she likes people too much – which is the case with 99% of labrador retrievers.  i’m not gonna lie – it’s hard work, but it’s fun work.  if you’re thinking about getting a dog, do it.  it’s one of the best decisions i’ve ever made.

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dodo case for iPad 2

if you have an iPad 2, you’re going to want a dodo case.  i’ve had the smart cover since i bought my iPad 2, but it’s not so smart any more.  the magnets have worn out and the lining is dirty from flipping it while the iPad is open.  rather than waste another $69 (still can’t believe it’s that expensive), i figured it was time to try out the dodo case.  let me just say you won’t find a better iPad case on the market.  plus, it’s $10 cheaper than that awful smart cover.  buy yours at dodo case or j. crew.

catching hell

espn does a great job with their documentaries.  the 30 for 30 series is one of the best.  when i saw the trailer for catching hell, i made sure my dvr was set for record.  i watched it last night.  i am so thankful alex gibney made this movie.  poor steve bartman and poor chicago cubs.

if you don’t know the story, let me give you a quick summary: in the 2003 national league champion series between the marlins and the cubs, a cubs fan named steve bartman interfered with a catchable foul ball that led to a complete cubs meltdown.  the cubs went on to lose the nlcs and the world series drought continued.  fans blamed bartman for the collapse.

gibney does a great job taking the documentary from the curse of the billy goat to bill buckner’s missed groundball in the 1986 world series to steve bartman’s fan interference.  he interviews those that were in the stands around bartman as well as baseball announcer steve lyons who called the game and moises alou who almost makes the catch.

if you’re a baseball fan, it’s a must watch.  if you’re not a baseball fan, there’s something there for you too.  it’s an interesting study on being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  if that ball was hit a foot to the left, the documentary might have been about someone else.  instead cubs fans are left blaming bartman for crushing their hopes and dreams.

just like new

this post would be more exciting if my dumbass would have taken a couple of “before” pics.  as i mentioned last week, they were in such bad shape that i was embarrassed to show how far i let them go.

i received my recrafted park avenue shoes on monday.  they look brand new.  i left the flash on the camera so you could see just how polished they are.  i went with the “prestige” package which included shoes trees and shoe bags in addition to the new sole (love the hammer detail) and refinish.  allen edmonds threw in a nice thank you card with a $35 gift certificate and some polish.  your local shoe repair man could give you a nice resole, but nothing this fine.  one more reason why i buy shoes from allen edmonds.

barbour on a budget

a couple of weeks ago i received an email from a guy named jake lester.  he was asking my opinion about buying a barbour jacket on ebay.  he specifically wanted to know if i had any tips on how to spot a fake.  one of the easiest ways is the detail on the buttons.  a fake barbour won’t have embossed buttons with the barbour name.  barbour’s website has a few more useful tips if you’re interested in that kind of thing.

he sent me a link to a jacket he wanted to place a bid on.  the seller had sold barbour jackets in the past and had positive feedback.  i told him to go for it.  unfortunately, the jacket was pulled before the auction ended.  bummer.

yesterday afternoon i got another email from jake telling me that he told his mom and grandmother to be on the lookout for anything barbour as they did their antique and thrift shopping (they both own stores).  lo and behold his grandmother found a beaufort in his size for three dollars at one of her routine stops.  she sent him the pictures that you see below.  what an incredible find.  if this doesn’t entice you to step out to your local thrift store every once in a while, then i don’t know what will.  thanks for sharing, jake.

three r.e.m. albums you must own

yesterday you might have heard that athens georgia’s own r.e.m. announced they were breaking up after 31 years.  you probably didn’t care, because you probably thought they were already retired or maybe you just don’t like them (they seem to be a very polarizing band).  regardless of how you feel about them, they released 15 albums during those 31 years.  i thought i’d take a quick minute to name the 3 i listen to the most.  i’m not saying these are their best; just the ones i listen to the most.

automatic for the people.  i take back what i said above.  this is their best work.  hands down.  if you’re going to own one r.e.m. album, this is the one to get.  don’t let “everybody hurts” turn you off to the rest of the music.  check out “drive”, “sweetness follows”, and “nightswimming.”

reckoning.   most people would tell you to download murmur (their first album) before reckoning.  i disagree.  reckoning is chicken soup for the ears.  “pretty persuasion” and “so. central rain (i’m sorry)” are two of my all time favorite r.e.m. songs.

monster.  monster turned a lot of fans off, because they turned up the fuzz on their guitars.  it’s an eclectic mix of tunes and found the band at their most experimental.  it works.  if you don’t believe me, listen to “crush with eyeliner”, “star 69”, and “tongue.”

for fall: the motorcycle jacket

i’ve been obsessed with motorcycle jackets ever since i discovered the ramones.  it’s one of those things i’ve always wanted, but have been hesitant to pull the trigger on because i don’t “technically” have or ride a motorcycle.  who cares about that?  not me.  now might be the time to buy one as affordable options are popping up in online stores like park and bond.

if you’re thinking about buying one, here are a few things to remember: #1 black is best.  this fall i’ve seen them in brown, burgundy, dark green, and other strange colors.  stay from those.  go with black.  #2 don’t buy a “”washed” leather jacket.  part of the fun is breaking it in.  “distressed” and “washed” leather jackets will make you look like you’re trying too hard.  #3 don’t blow your budget.  there’s no reason to spend your life savings on a motorcycle jacket.  you may never wear it.  keep it under a grand with these two options below.

schott perfecto

blk denim

mitchell and ness throwback hats

i’m a sucker for anything that reminds me of my childhood, so when i rediscovered these mitchell and ness hats i thought they were worth a mention.  my first encounter with mitchell and ness came this past spring when i spotted some nba throwbacks at a local sporting goods store.  i dismissed them as too hip hop for me, but cool none-the-less.  last week when searching for a new bears hat, i found the mitchell and ness website (thanks google) and my jaw dropped.  i actually owned the original versions of all three hats above.  the hats are made with cotton twill or wool and feature the high crown retro shape and green under visor that we all loved when we were kids.  i’ve been complaining about how they don’t make snapback hats like they used to.  thanks to mitchell and ness i can’t complain any more.