red wing 8188

i’m going to try to keep the fall/winter posts lite on red wing boots this year, but before i do allow me to mention these 9″ pecos hawthorne muleskinner boots.  red wing’s “hawthorne muleskinner” is what they call their rough-out leather – which is known for it’s aging process i.e. they’ll look better with age.  the outsole is nitrile cork.  the only problem with the boots is that i can’t find them in the states.  these pictures are courtesy of red wing’s fine amsterdam store.  worst case scenario, i’ll have to order them from their amsterdam shop and wait a little longer to get them.  i guess it beats ordering them from the shoe mart and then never getting them.

  1. Very nice…Those would look great beat to hell… Let’s call those ’20-year-ers’.

    • Vijay chandy
    • August 31st, 2014

    Love the boots need to buy how do I do it pl advice. I live in india

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