the black pocket comb

i wasn’t sure how to title or start this post, so i apologize if it’s misleading, but i needed to share some personal feelings this evening.  my grandad passed away on saturday afternoon.  he had been in bad shape for a month or so, but took a turn for the worse on friday evening.  i was lucky enough to sit with him saturday morning and tell him goodbye.

he was a hell of a guy.  he never treated me like a child (or at least i didn’t think so).  when i was a kid and would spend the night at their house, he and i would go to the mall for a burger and milkshake and then to the movies.  he loved schwartzenegger movies.  he took me to see total recall in the theater when i was nine years too young to be there.  we never told my parents.  and when i got old enough to drink, i would go sit on his front porch, drink a beer, and talk about life.  there was something so amazing about having a drink with him.  i’m going to miss him so much.

if you’re wondering why i mentioned the black pocket comb, it’s because i noticed one in the pocket of his pajamas on saturday.  it’s a good representation of the man that he was: simple, understated, and classic.  he lived 93 great years.  i hope i’m that lucky.  i miss you already, grandad.

    • jc
    • October 25th, 2011

    Excellent post. Wonderful eulogy. Sorry for your loss.

  1. Lovely post, Cooper. Best wishes to your family.

  2. So happy for you to have had such a cool relationship with him; so happy he made it to 93; so happy you got to say goodbye. Man that’s hard, and I’m sorry for your loss. But it’d be hard to ask for more.

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