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the longshoreman necktie from the knottery

shame on me for not mentioning the knottery before now.  jay and jack make great looking ties, pocket squares, and belts that won’t hurt you wallet, but look like they did.  for this holiday season, they created a tie that looks an awful lot like a certain norwegian sweater you’ve been telling people you’ve had since the 80’s.  the best part about it – besides how incredible it looks – is the price.  you can get your own longshoreman necktie for $25.  you better place an order before it’s too late.

oak street bootmakers trail oxford

i hate the internet.  it’s an enabler for someone like me.  earlier today i was going through some of my favorite tumblrs when a picture of some beat-to-hell oak street bootmaker trail oxfords popped up.  they looked fantastic.  i went to oak street’s website to order some, but found out they were backordered 6 weeks (who has that kind of time?).  luckily i remembered a friend of mine told me imogene + willie just started carrying the trail oxford.  since i’m a 5 minute drive from i + w, i figured i might need to go check them out in person.  the plan was to try them on now and purchase them later, but they were too comfortable.  i bought them on the spot.  i guess i’m a sucker for horween chromexel leather and a vibram sole.

sizing tip: go a half size down.

j. crew sweater collective

i planned to do a post on the sweaters i liked this season from various stores/designers, but found about 10 i liked from j. crew.  i tend to buy most of my sweaters at j. crew because of the quality and price.  i’ll do a follow up post on other sweaters later this month.  until then here are my 5 favorite from j. crew:

shawl collar henley

cotton-cashmere v-neck

lambwool crewneck

lambswool fair isle

cashmere sweatshirt 

“hunker down, you guys”

it’s been a bittersweet weekend for dawgs fans.  we won the east and are playing in the sec championship game, but we lost a great one.  larry munson, the voice of georgia football, died tonight at 89.  he quit calling games in 2008, but every georgia fan i know listens to his old calls on gameday.  it’s gonna be tough to hunker down without him.  we’ll miss you, larry.


the alden indy boot

i’ve wanted these indy boots for over 3 years now.  i’ve been to new york twice during this time with the intention to buy a pair at the alden store on madison avenue.  i chickened out both times after trying them on.  i told the guys working there that i would order a pair when i got back to nashville.  i finally made good on that promise last month when a friend of mine told me he knew one of the gentlemen that worked at that store (shout out to curt who took excellent care of me).

it only took me two tries to get the size right.  i measure a 9.5 on a brannock device and went a half size down as instructed.   the 9 felt huge on my feet, so i returned and reordered an 8.5.  they fit like a glove.  these are by far some of the nicest boots i will ever own.  they’re every bit worth the wait and money.  i can’t wait to break them in; although, i probably won’t let them get as destroyed as indiana jones’:

double monks update

my day started off with a sour note this morning when my 3 week old sid mashburn double monks fell apart.  i was devastated until i called the store and explained to them the situation.  they assured me they would fix them at no charge and have them back to me in a week.  the gentleman on the phone said this has never happened before and couldn’t believe it had only been a couple of weeks.  i was surprised too, but i’m glad they’re going to take care of them.  i miss them already.

beginners guide to frank sinatra

one of my icons is francis albert sinatra.  sinatra was the original king of cool.  he’s that rare combination of a man’s man and a ladies’ man.  i discovered his music in 8th grade when the columbia record club accidentally sent me a copy of his album reprise: the very good years.  i was hooked the minute i heard “the way you look tonight.”  since then i’ve been obsessed with the legend of frank sinatra.  he truly lived his life his way.  we should all be so lucky.

many of you casual sinatra fans own one of his greatest records.  that’s a great place to start, but there’s no need to stop there.  i’ve got a friend who’s been asking me to introduce him to more sinatra, so consider this your introduction.  here are my three favorite sinatra albums and the ones you should start with:

a swingin’ affair!: it’s tough to say one of these 3 albums is better than the others, but i listen to a swingin’ affair! more than the rest.  i tend to gravitate towards the uptempo stuff and nelson riddle’s arrangements are as good as it gets here.  if you only have the cash for one of these, start with this one.  it’s considered the follow up to the album below, but i think it’s better.

songs for swingin’ lovers: a lot of people put songs for swingin’ lovers at the top of their list and for good reason.  it was released a year before a swingin’ affair and features sinatra at his most confident (according to experts).  it’s another sinatra and riddle collaboration that breaths new life into pop standards such as “pennies from heaven” and “i’ve got you under my skin.” 

in the wee small hours: many consider in the wee small hours to be the first concept album.  the idea was to make an album featuring only ballads about lost love and isolation (apparently it was a direct response to his separation from ava gardner).  i dare you to make it through the whole thing without weeping.  recommended if you’ve just broken up with your girlfriend and are having a cocktail and a sulk.

what to buy next: sinatra sings for only the lonely, songs for young lovers/swing easy, come fly with me

mougin & piquard for j. crew

this is good timing (pun intended).  i need to upgrade my wrist watch situation.  i love my collection of timex watches, but i need something a little nicer for more formal events.  enter the new j. crew collaboration with mougin & piquard.

ernest mougin & paul piquard were two french ex-pats that moved to switzerland in the 1920’s and started a watch company with the goal to bring a parisian sensibility to swiss watchmaking.  the company changed hands in the 1960’s and went out of business several years later.

j. crew has teamed up with the good people at tourneau to recreate two mougin & piquard timepieces based on sketches discovered in their archives.  they look great and retail for $425.  i’m definitely adding one of these fine watches to my christmas list.

sid mashburn on creative mornings

thanks for the heads up artnhustle.  sid is about as cool as it gets.  it’s interesting to learn more about his start in the business and how he separates his brand from the competition.  he makes the point that you can buy a shirt anywhere, but it’s how you take care of the customer that keeps them coming back.  i think that’s true in any business.  also love hearing him say that “creativity is a team sport.”  i’ve never thought of it that way.

brogue boot round up

one thing on my wish list for the fall is a pair brogue boots.  they’ll look great with a suit or your favorite denim.  a lot of brands are making them this fall, but here are my four favorites:

alden for j. crew

allen edmonds