pick it up: the black keys el camino

i’m sorry for the lack of recent posts.  some of my readers (1 of 3) have gone so far as to leave threatening messages on my work voicemail (chase).  wordpress changed some setting where my pictures were messed up, so i’ve spent some time going through the archives and re-resizing the pictures.  i think it’s fixed now or at least i hope so.  with that said, on to the next one…

the black keys surprised fans a month or so ago by announcing a new album, el camino, that dropped today.  i’ve given it one spin so far.  i’m pleased; not ecstatic like i wish i would be.  their first single “lonely boy” is so good that i had ridiculous expectations for this record.   i realize not every keys album can be rubber factory and that’s ok.  i’m sure these songs will a) grow on me and b) sound a lot more hard-rocking live.  if you were planning on downloading the album, proceed onward.  it’s good, but not as good as you hoped the follow up to brothers would be.

quick update: i’m currently on my fourth listen.  it’s getting better with every spin.  in fact, i think i love it.  you will too.  go get it.

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