new beckham boots from imogene + willie

damn you imogene + willie for making so much good stuff like these newly released “jump” boots.  since i live and work down the street from their nashville store, it’s just too easy to go in there and spend money.  i saw these on their blog last night and had to mention them.  they are vintage paratrooper boots cut down slightly above the ankle with brand new white cushion soles.  david beckham is already fan (pictured below) which is why they’ve been dubbed “the beckham.”  just to clarify: becks was not in nashville – that photo was taken in la.  i’m going to go by there this afternoon and try not to buy them.

  1. Hello from Los Angeles!

    Thank you so much for profiling my IrregulaR Boots on your blog! Imogene is one of my first clients in America to carry my IrregulaR collection and I could not be more pleased!! It was such an honor to have Mr. Beckham stop by my studio. He is actually very cool to talk to. His bike is amazing! It was built by Garage Company in Culver City!

    • November 11th, 2012

    David actually purchased these boots from Hollywood Trading Co in Los Angeles CA… This photo was actually taken at the Hollywood trading Co. Store… I was there and im also the photg who took these photos…

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