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band of outsiders for the academy awards

i just caught this story over at selectism.  band of outsiders sent a list of select nominees (alexander payne, woody allen, george clooney, brad pitt, jonah hill, and gary oldman) a gift package containing a fortune cookie and a clip-on bow tie.  the inside reads “he who wears band of outsiders bow tie wins important award.”  i wonder if any of these gentlemen will take a chance with it.  what a great idea from band of outsiders.  to see some well-dressed nominees from previous oscars click here.

about time: imogene + willie jeans

i bought my first pair of imogene + willie jeans last week.  i’ve been in there enough that i should have already owned a pair.  i kept telling myself that i was going to lose a few pounds before buying said jeans, but the few pounds are still there and they’re probably not going anywhere.

i + w offers two kinds of guys denim: the willie and the barton.  the barton fit more like my apc petit standards so i went with those.  once you decide on the fit, they pin the jeans for tailoring and tailor them while you wait.  i was running late for a meeting, so i left them for a few days.  when i went to pick them up, they brown-bagged the jeans and tied the package with a denim ribbon (a very nice touch).

i’m not a denim expert by any means and don’t have anything to compare these to besides my apcs and an old pair of  j. crew “dad” jeans, but these things are the real deal.  they’re not super heavy and they fit like a glove (thank you chad for pinning them perfectly).  i also love some of the tiny details they added to the jeans like the date they were made mine and the subtle i+w logo on the seam.

it goes without saying that nashville is lucky to have imogene + willie.  they put a lot of love into their denim and the staff are some of the best people i’ve ever met.  if you haven’t jumped on the selvedge denim train yet, this would be a good place to start.

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new kicks: alden for j. crew longwing bluchers

you might remember my ridiculous dilemma last week when i couldn’t decide between alden cordovan loafers or cordovan longwings.  i threw a curveball into the mix as i opted for neither.  i went with the alden for j. crew longwing bluchers – mainly because i needed a pair of dark brown lace-ups to wear with my navy and charcoal suits.  i figured i would make the cordovan loafers my next purchase.  the longwings arrived yesterday and they are perfect in every way.  the only thing wasn’t perfect was that j. crew shipped them in a generic j. crew shoe box with no shoe bags.  i contacted their customer service last night regarding the shoe bags and they said they’re going to send me some.  that’s good customer service right there.  shoe bags or no shoe bags i still love my new longwings.

new tune tuesday: sleigh bells reign of terror

sleigh bells second album reign of terror is out today.  if you caught them on snl this past weekend, then you were greeted with a whole lot of noise.  it wasn’t the best performance i’ve ever heard, but that didn’t stop me from downloading the new album.  it’s exactly what you’d expect from the noise rockers: the guitars are turned up loud and the hand claps never seem to stop (which is not a bad thing).  i’m really diggin’ it.  i also love the album cover which i hope is a subtle shout out to the ramones (they wore keds).  bonus: be sure to check out their recent gq photo spread here (i’m a big fan of the levi’s trucker jacket).

j. crew fall/winter 2012

frank muytgens is one of my favorite designers, because he makes things i can wear and afford. his j. crew f/w 2012 collection didn’t disappoint.  he kept things on the dark side by offering their usual fair in darker blues, purples, greys, and greens.  one thing that caught my eye was the green alden brogues on some of the models – especially when paired with purple socks.  i also spy some dark navy red wings that would look good on my feet.  solid collection all around.  here are some of my favorite looks:

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style icon: john f. kennedy jr.

tomorrow is president’s day.  i got in the spirit last year by posting some great pics of john f. kennedy (you can see them here).  this year i figured i’d keep it in the family and showcase another kennedy: john f. kennedy jr.  yes, i realize he has little to do with president’s day, but he inherited his sense of style from the best dressed president we’ve ever had.  to quote michael bastian from a kempt interview, “he was so good at what he did, how he put himself together.”  i couldn’t agree more.  from his early prep school days to his time living in new york, john john embodied the all american male.  his style was timeless as many of the looks you see in the photos are relevant today.  he was a true style icon.  it’s a damn shame we lost him so young.

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cordovan wingtips or cordovan loafers

i did make it by the alden store last week when i was in new york (one of the only stops we made besides our meetings).  i tried on the 986 cordovan loafers.  i took a few steps around the store and decided to wait (my co-workers didn’t share my enthusiasm for aldens plus we were pressed for time).  now that i’m back i can’t make my mind up between the loafers or the wingtips in the cordovan color 8.  my shoe collection lacks a pair of wingtips, but everyone i know swears by the 986 loafers.  which one do you prefer?

21 club, new york city

as mentioned in a previous post, i went to new york last week on a business trip.  we had no time to hit any of my favorite spots which was kind of a bummer, but we did have a nice meal at new york’s famous 21 club.  it was my first time to have dinner there and won’t be my last.  i fell in love with the place.

21 club started in greenwhich village as a speakeasy run by two cousins in 1922.  they moved the club two more times before settling in their current location in 1929.  they managed to avoid the police raids by sweeping the liquor bottles into the sewer system through secret chutes.

when you walk in, it doesn’t feel like too much has changed since 1929.  the men are mostly in coats and ties and business suits and the ladies in cocktail dresses.  we grabbed a drink at the bar and tried to guess people’s professions as we waited for our table.  most of the patrons looked like investment bankers.  after all, this is the restaurant in wall street where michael douglas lectures charlie sheen on the finer things in life.

the dining room didn’t disappoint.  the low ceiling is decorated with antique toys and sports memorabilia given to the restaurant by some of its famous patrons.  everyone from john f. kennedy to george clooney has eaten there.  i had the filet and heirloom potatoes with blue cheese.  i would definitely order both again.

i wish i would have taken some of my own pictures, but i would have felt like a rube snapping pictures on my iphone at such a classy joint.  i found most of these pics on google and various other websites (sorry if i have not given you credit).  please click read more to see more great pictures of the famous speakeasy.

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common projects for robert geller chelsea boots #nyfw

new york fashion week is going on right now.  usually, i don’t pay too much attention to #nyfw, but i follow so many bloggers and style writers on twitter that i can no longer ignore it.  one thing that caught my eye yesterday were these common projects for robert geller f/w 2012 chelsea boots.  the good people at park & bond were nice enough to share this picture on their tumblr.  i’m not a big cp fan, but i could become one after seeing these bad boys.

nyc work trip

i’m headed to new york tomorrow for a quick work trip.  i’ll be back on wednesday, so i’m packing light.  most of these items you’ve already seen on to take the train, but they’re worth mentioning again.  here’s what i’m wearing/packing for nyc:

brooks brothers navy fitzgerald two button suit – current my favorite suit that i own.

sid mashburn fox tie – a christmas gift that needs to be worn.  no time like the present.

sid mashburn button down shirt – i never leave home without a white button down.

tie bar from the tie bar – great entry point to the tie bar game.  can’t beat their prices.

gucci horsebit loafers – classic 1980s wall street.  these will be occupying my feet.

filson small duffle – the perfect overnight bag.  hands down.

i’m going to try to do a little shopping while i’m up there, but i’m not sure what kind of time i’m going to have.  i hope to come back with a good post and maybe some new kicks.