style icon: john f. kennedy jr.

tomorrow is president’s day.  i got in the spirit last year by posting some great pics of john f. kennedy (you can see them here).  this year i figured i’d keep it in the family and showcase another kennedy: john f. kennedy jr.  yes, i realize he has little to do with president’s day, but he inherited his sense of style from the best dressed president we’ve ever had.  to quote michael bastian from a kempt interview, “he was so good at what he did, how he put himself together.”  i couldn’t agree more.  from his early prep school days to his time living in new york, john john embodied the all american male.  his style was timeless as many of the looks you see in the photos are relevant today.  he was a true style icon.  it’s a damn shame we lost him so young.

    • lara.m
    • February 20th, 2012

    yes,he had truely great style..and he was very,very handsome.

  1. That picture of him and his wife in the jordan 6 and 7 respectively is crazy

  2. Love this collection of photos!

    • John VanBlaircom
    • August 18th, 2013

    I have heard to him being referred to as “Americas Prince”. Personally, I always thought of him as Americas son or our brother. We all kind of adopted he and Caroline really.

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