wes anderson for hyundai

i don’t do a ton of videos on to take the train, but these two wes anderson spots for hyundai are worth watching.  wes anderson’s vison and directing combined with jeff bridges’ voice over pack a nice punch for the south korean car company.  i’m not going to rush out and buy a hyundai, but i certainly won’t be judging you if you do.

“talk to my car”

“modern life”

  1. Currently in car shopping mode and these make me MUCH more inclined to test drive the Hyundai’s. That and, they have shockingly great reviews.

  2. We bought a Hyundai Santa Fe a year ago and it’s the best car I’ve ever owned. Period. I can’t recommend it enough. Upgrading to the touchscreen nav system (the big blue dashboard screen in the commercial) was worth every penny.

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