made in america: flint and tinder

want to know how many underwear companies are making their product in the us?  well, i don’t have an exact figure, but it’s not a lot.  out of the 50 leading underwear brands, only one company is making their underwear here in the us.  jake bronstein, an entrepreneur, plans to do something about it.  he’s started a kickstarter campaign to raise money for a new company called flint and tinder that will make “men’s basics” right here in the good ol’ us of a.  his goals for the new brand are:

1) high quality for superior comfort and durability

2) 100% made in the us

3) fairly priced

sounds like a winner to me.  the other cool part is that flint and tinder are creating jobs.  they’ll be made by a factory that’s had to downsize almost 70% in the last couple of years due to the poor economy.  for every 1000 pairs of underwear they sell per month, a new job is added to the assembly line.

you can head over to their kickstarter campaign to make a donation if you’d like.  if you donate $15, you get a free pair of underwear.  they set out to raise $30,000 and they’re now up to almost $200,000.  america, fuck yeah.

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