early takes: volume 1

you may have noticed i haven’t been posting a lot lately.  without getting into too much detail, let me just say that the last two months have been a complete whirlwind for me.  i’ve been emotionally drained and had little to no energy to focus on anything besides work.  i hate to be vague, but i don’t think anyone comes to this blog to hear about my feelings.

one of the things that’s helped me get through this difficult time is music.  at the beginning of may, a collection of george harrison demos called early takes: volume 1 was released.  i tend to be skeptical of most demos, but i heard the stripped down version of “all things must pass” on some music blog and ended up downloading the whole album (which unfortunately is just 10 songs).  it’s phenomenal and all i’ve listed to for the past month.  if you’re a song at a time kind of a person, be sure to download “all things must pass”, “mama you’ve been on my mind”, “awaiting on you all”, and “run of the mill.”  actually, just download the whole damn thing.  it’s 10 bucks.  you can afford it.

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