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summer scent: lacoste white

on a recent guy’s trip, a friend of mine noticed my cologne in the bathroom and asked me why the hell i used it.  it struck me as an odd thing to ask about.  i thought cologne was something that all men used.  i’m not embarrassed to admit that when i reached my teenage years, i applied cologne liberally thinking that women would smell me from a far and fall in love instantly.  i soon found out that a lot of cologne does not in fact attract women, but instead repels them.  glad i learned this lesson early in life.

i like the way cologne smells and have been looking for a signature scent for the last several years.  i tend to buy the travel sizes so i don’t have to invest in one long term.  last fall, i made the executive decision to go old school ralph lauren in the cold months (the green bottle your dad probably wore – more on this later in the year).  with that said, i want something a little lighter in the warmer months.  i’ve been experimenting with a few different brands and finally found something i love: lacoste white.  i’m not going to try and describe how it smells, because i would most likely sound like a complete douche.  all i know is that it smells like summer and that’s good enough for me.  treat yourself to a bottle.  your lady will thank you.

alden for j. crew navy longwings

hat tip to jeremiah at a head long dive for the heads up on these alden for j. crew navy longwings and also for this:

can i be honest with you? whew (*wipes hand across forehead), great. i’m sick and tired of pontificating about shit like goodyear welts, full-leather lining and tempered steel shanks, so whether or not you give a baker’s fuck, let’s just agree that all those details and craftsmanship are valuable, comes with all alden footwear and move on.

lmao (i have never typed that, but felt it necessary in this situation).  thank you for saying what needed to be said (for reference see here).  i can’t remember which collaborator had some navy longwings last fall, but i missed the boat and have been looking for a pair ever since.  if i can set aside some cash, i will hopefully make these babies mine sometime in the next month or two, but we all know i stink at saving money, so we’ll see how this goes.

current listening: michael kiwanuka

there’s a lot of good new music out right now (e.g. frank ocean, gaslight anthem, dirty projectors), but i can’t turn off michael kiwanuka’s debut album home again.  kiwanuka cut his teeth as a london based session player before stepping out as a solo artist late last year.  home again is a stripped down, raw record of throwback 60’s / 70’s soul.  i tend to stay away from records you can buy at the starbucks counter, but kiwanuka is special.  be sure to check out “tell me a tale”, “i’m getting ready,” and the dan auerbach collaboration “lasan.”

tretorn nylite project

i’m a big fan of tretorn nylites.  i currently have 3 pairs (red, white and blue).  i’m a little disappointed that tretorn has not asked me to be part of their nylite project.  i guess i could go ahead and dye my own pair, but it would be a lot cooler if they asked me to do it.

with that said, i’ve got someone else who would like to be included in the nylite project.  meet james.  he’s my friend elliott’s kid and a hell of a dresser at 9 months.  check out those nylites.  he’s already on that next level.  get in line, ladies.

thanks for sending me the pics, erk.

how to fold a pocket square

i grabbed this “how to fold a pocket square” guide from the bearings newsletter.  it’s the best graphic i’ve seen on the subject.  the pocket square is essential for most menswear enthusiast.  if you want a good beginner’s pocket square, look no further than  i would start with the $25 white hem stitch pocket square you see below.  if you’re into it, then you can get creative from there.  the world is your oyster.

the joker of the beach

i’ve been at the beach for the past week for some much needed r & r.  while on vacation, i ran across the car you see above.  it didn’t take but one look for me to determine it was a fiat, and after some intense google searching (not really just beach + fiat) i found out that this particular car is called the fiat jolly.  the name is short for “jolly de plage” which translates to “joker of the beach.”

back in the late 1950’s, fiat chairman gianni agnelli wanted a car he could take on his boat from port to port.  it obviously had to be small and lightweight, so he sent one of his 500 models to italian car manufacturer carrozzeria ghia and instructed them to take off the doors, replace the top with a surrey top, and add wicker seats.  there’s a lot more that went into the coachwork of the car, but i won’t bore you with those details.  the result was the fiat jolly.

i can’t remember what year this particular jolly was made, but the owner has spent the last 2 years restoring the vehicle somewhere in california.  it really does look incredible.  i wish i had taken a few more photos.  i can’t imagine a more perfect ride at the beach.