new york, new york

i grew up listening to my dad tell the story of where he was when jfk was shot.  he was in his high school locker room getting ready to go play basketball.  he can remember every detail.  i used to wonder if there would be an event in my lifetime that would shake me the same way jfk’s assassination shook our parents generation.  september 11, 2001 is that event.  i’m not going to bore you with the details of what i was doing when i heard the news or what i did the rest of day.  i will tell you that i remember seeing this video a week or two after the towers fell, and every year on this day i watch it.  it’s an eerie feeling to know it was filmed 4 days before the attacks.  i realize the song is about a breakup, but i like listening to it as a tribute to the most resilient city in the world.  we’ll never forget.  “hell, i still love you, new york.”

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