my top 5 favorite movies of the last year

the academy awards are tonight.  obviously, daniel day lewis has the best actor award locked up.  i think jessica chastain could pull the upset for best actress, but i’d like to see jennifer lawrence win if only to hear her acceptance speech.  most experts are picking argo to take home best picture, but since the academy is mostly made up of old codgers with a penchant for chaos, who knows what the hell will happen.  with that said, here are my top 5 favorite movies of 2012:


#5 moonrise kingdom: if you’re not a wes anderson fan, then you definitely hated this movie.  i loved every minute of it.  i saw it three times in the theater, and it was better every time.  (yeah, i’m that guy – no apologies.)


#4 django unchained: quentin tarantino never disappoints (except for jackie brown, but i’ve forgiven him since then).  it’s a bummer leonardo dicaprio wasn’t nominated for his role in django.  he was unreal as a d-bag southern plantation owner.  


#3 argo: i could have picked argo #1.  it’s a great movie.  the last 20 minutes are worth the price of admission alone, but for some reason the academy screws up and leaves ben affleck’s name off of the best director ballot.  the ultimate payback will be winning best picture as it’s currently the favorite.


#2 silver linings playbook: i saw this movie before argo and zero dark thirty and left thinking there’s your best picture right there.  i promise never to doubt bradley cooper’s acting ability again.  also, could jennifer lawrence be any sexier?  thank you, yoga pants.


#1 zero dark thirty: it’s a shame hollywood has gone on a smear campaign to make sure zero dark thirty doesn’t win best picture.  the reason: because some say it glorifies torture.  i don’t think so at all.  it makes it look pretty miserable.  i’m still holding out hope that it can win tonight.  you would think a perfectly directed and written movie about one of the most important events in recent world history would rack up during awards season, but that wasn’t the case.  come on upset.

    • Tyler
    • March 5th, 2013

    I don’t think critics of the tortue in Zero Dark Thirty meant it glorifies it in a, “wow, tortue is awesome! look at those terrorists get owned!!!” way..I think they were upset that the movie makes it look like tortue was a huge help in finding bin Laden, which apparently isn’t true

    I agree it’s the best movie of the year though, maybe second behind The Master

    • Logan Aven
    • March 26th, 2013

    i WAtched moonrise kingdom not going to lie i was very disappointed and how was the dark night rises not on your list?

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