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vans for j. crew washed canvas sneaks


there is something very un-vans about buying vans at j. crew, but i had to give these a test run. i’m glad i did. i’m really digging the washed canvas – especially in the “nickel” color. they also come with two sets of laces: boot laces (as you see above) and leather laces. (white laces are for the birds.) and thank you j. crew for keeping them the same price as regular authentics. there is no such thing as having too many pairs of vans. #realtalk

imogene + willie short sleeve workshirts


i ran into matt and carrie (name dropper) last month at northerngrade and asked them if they had any short sleeve shirts in the works.  honestly, i’m getting old and can’t remember if they said they did or they didn’t, but it appears that they did and they are awesome.  they come in two colors (salmon & desert) and are made of “japanese shuttle-woven cotton jaspe” which makes them incredibly soft.  also, the selvage detail on the shirts will prevent you from looking like a nerdy middle school teacher.  buy them here before it’s too late.

3 things to remember

excuse me for interrupting my semi-regularly scheduled programming of menswear and music hodgepodge, but i wanted to share this commencement speech from nashville songwriter tom douglas.  tom’s written a number of hits, but my favorite song of his is “the house that built me” (recorded by miranda lambert and went #1 on the billboard country chart).  he had an interesting path to songwriting success as you will hear in his speech.

i grew up in nashville and always wanted to be a songwriter.  i’m now a banker, so you can probably see why this speech hits home for me.  i love my job, but i still dream about playing music full time.  i’m not going to give anything away, but i hope it gives you a little motivation to pursue what you love to do.  and if you don’t have time to listen to the whole thing, be sure to listen long enough to hear tom tell the graduates what 3 things to remember as they go off into the world.  ok, fine, i’ll tell you.  he says you must remember: 1) where you’re from 2) who you are and 3) whose you are.  #wisdom

need new sunglasses

north by

i haven’t updated my sunglasses in at least 2 years.  i’ve found a ton i like online, but sunglasses are one of those things you want to buy in person, so you can awkwardly make “cool” faces in the tiny store mirror (that was a joke by the way).  i’m embarrassed to say i spent more than hour trying to find a new pair of sunglasses today.  i started by googling this picture.  cary grant’s tart optical “arnel” shades in north by northwest are thing of perfection.  sadly, i was too lazy to call the store to check the price, so i went to warby parker’s website and did the virtual try-on.  i soon discovered the virtual try-on looks a lot better for reading glasses, because every pair of sunglasses i tried on made me look like doc ock from spider-man.  my next stop was j.crew’s accessory section, but most of the shades were too ray-ban or too expensive.  i was running out of options until i remembered sid mashburn started carrying allyn scura sunglasses sometime last year.  score.  after a ton of back and forth between grey and dark tortoise, i settled on the gray beauts you see below.  i can’t wait to rock these at the beach this july 4th.  ladies, holla at me.

allyn scura grey