dating again (part 2)


wow.  where to begin?  it’s been a hell of a year for dating.  i was in a relationship for the last 10 months and that ended in september.  trying to do the grown up thing, we talked through it and realized it was not what we both needed or wanted.  looking back, i can confidently say that she taught me a lot about relationships and life and i am grateful for meeting her.  now back to the drawing board…

i feel like we’re in the worst age for dating.  all i hear from my female friends is that it’s a “hook up culture” and guys are not looking to date.  i’m going to go ahead and tell you that that statement is complete bullshit.  it’s a defeatist mentality and i’m sick of hearing it.

the real problem with dating right now is that it’s a lost art.  we, the young people of this world, have forgotten how to do it.  we’re scared of it.  all the things our parents have taught us have been lost to technology.  rather than picking up the phone and making a phone call, we text.  rather than approaching a woman in a public setting or being introduced, we use apps to break the ice.  i am guilty of both of these things.  i have even been preaching their use for the last couple of years now.  i’m tired of it.

it’s time that we go back to basics.  no more texting.  no more tinder.  i want the old school way of dating.  i want the nerves to come back.  i miss having a chance to be a gentleman.  my dad taught me to open car doors and stand up when a lady leaves and returns to the table.  he taught me to always pick up the check and a million other things.

i am sick and tired of reading articles written by women claiming that real men don’t exist any more or true love is not going to happen or 10 rules of fill in the blank regarding dating.  these articles are written for entertainment purposes.  they are not the gospel concerning dating.  just because it happened to one person and they chose to write about it, doesn’t mean it pertains to your particular situation.  stop putting so much faith in these articles.

i’m here to tell you that real men do exist and they want to date you.  they want to pick you up and take you out to dinner at the new place you’ve been wanting to try.  they want to bring you flowers when it’s not expected.  they want to hold you when you wake up in the morning and when you go to sleep at night.  we are out there.  don’t give up on us.

ladies, you need to help us.  you need to be open to these things.  you need to quit thinking that the only way to meet men is via a “hookup” app.  “maybe if i meet him on here and give him what he wants, then it will turn into something.”  no!  it’s not going to happen that way.  it never will.  you’ll end up hurt and wondering what the f**k happened for the next 3-4 weeks.  stop it.  don’t settle for below average.  wait for a real man.  wait for someone that’s genuinely interested in you and who you are.  don’t let the internet dictate what you want and how to get it.

i’m excited for 2015.  i think it’s going to be a big year for me and you and all the other lost souls looking for love in the internet age, but it’s time that we go back to basics.  it’s time take the things our parents taught us about the opposite sex and apply them to real life.  you can call me old fashioned.  i don’t care.  i’m over feeling guilty about wanting to treat a woman the way she’s supposed to be treated.

    • Jeff R.
    • December 8th, 2014

    Great comments! I think you may be on the right track. Good luck going forward.

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