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guys, it’s almost beach time.  i’m headed to the promised land (30a beaches) in 2 months which means i have 2 months (duh) to get my fat ass in shape.  i’m probably one of the last people you should listen to when it comes to fitness advice – mainly because i can’t quit eating pancakes and drinking miller lite – but i have dropped 30 lbs since i got divorced and i feel f’ing great.  i’m going to go ahead and insert the “read more” tab, so if you’re interested in reading about what you can do to get in above average shape, read on.   

i’m in the best shape of my life, but if you compared me to someone on the cover of men’s health, i would look nothing like him.  i’m speaking matter of fact here.  i’ve realized over the last 34 years that i’m never going to look like the dudes on the pages of gq or men’s health and i’m ok with that.  i’m just interested in looking like the best version of me (cannot believe i just typed that).  without further ado, here are my tips to get into slightly better shape than you are already in:

1) the first thing you need to do is to buy the right gear.  throw out your old shoes and go to a specialized store like fleet feet that will fit your shoes to your feet and what you plan on doing in them.  do not go to dick’s sporting goods and expect to get help from some high school kid that doesn’t care about you and has no interest in helping you find anything including runnings shoes or swedish fish for that matter.  (ps why does dick’s sell candy?)  find a specialized running store and listen to these jedis.  they put me in the adidas supernova glide shoe and i haven’t looked back.


2) the second thing you need to do is to start small.  i don’t care if you ran track or cross country in high school.  do not expect to go out with your beautiful new shoes and run 10 miles.  it’s not gonna happen or it might happen and you might get shin splints or a stress fracture.  as much as it pains you, start with a mile or 2 miles and work your way up.  the same goes for lifting weights as well.  it’s not going to make the weight come off faster.  i started on the elliptical next to the 55-year-old women that were going faster and harder than me.  it sucked, but i stuck with it and finally pwned them in the secret race that was going on in my brain.  (this is a stock photo below and will not look that pleasant if you start your journey on the elliptical.)


3) the third way to keep this train moving is to track your progress.  there are a million different apps out there to choose from.  my favorite app to track my eating and exercising is lose it.  it’s super easy to use and looks better than most of the other apps.  i began to pay closer attention to what i was eating when i started to track my exercise (more on that later).  i also recommend runkeeper if you’re starting your workout plan with jogging or running.


4) the fourth thing you need to do is to try something new.  i’ve been a runner my whole life and always enjoyed it, but it never helped me lose weight.  i maintained my weight, but didn’t lose any.  it got to the point two years ago that i knew i needed to branch out from the norm, but wasn’t sure what to get into.  a couple of my friends had joined a new gym called iron tribe and tried to get me to go.  i put up a fight, but after seeing their results, i joined.  it was one of these best decisions i’ve ever made.  i’ve been doing it for a year and half now and i absolutely love it.  it’s a crossfit-esque workout, but the gym is much nicer than most crossfit boxes and there are people at all levels of experience.  and no one works out with their shirt off.  i’m not saying you should do crossfit, but find something you’ve always wanted to try like kickboxing or pilates or cycling and do it.  the first step is signing up.  it also helps to find a friend to go with you that will hold you accountable.


5) people that know about healthy living would list eating right number 1, but i can’t go there.  i feel like if you start with your diet, you’re destined to fail.  no one likes to diet.  they don’t last long.  i’ve discovered that if i’m exercising and working hard that my diet follows.  since i started iron tribe, i’ve paid much more attention to what goes into my body.  obviously, i’m still eating pancakes and drinking miller lite, but that’s not everyday.  i’ve turned into a feel eater more than anything else i.e. if it feels good after i finish, i’m good to go.  i tried paleo for a month, but it didn’t do anything for me.  i also read wheat belly and the zero belly diet and they didn’t anything for me either.  instead, i took a few things from here and there and incorporated them in my diet.  i eat little wheat and little dairy.  it works for me.  find out what works for you and do it.  one or two cheat meals a week will also do your body good.

bonus tip: make a good playlist.  it needs to be epic for you to want to exercise.  mine is so good that when i put it on, it makes me want to start moving.  i’ll post some suggestions at a later date.

and that’s all folks.  that’s all you need to do to get into above average shape.  if you have any questions or more advice, put it in the comments or shoot me an email.  thanks for reading.

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