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new this week

i’ve been home sick for the last 3 days.  feel free to feel sorry for me.  i’m kidding.  i’ll be ok (i hope).  i’ve tried diligently to keep up with work, but when emails and phone calls aren’t coming in fast and furious, i’ve had to find ways to entertain myself.  luckily, there’s relief in the form of entertainment.  here are this week’s best releases:


leon bridges – come home.  typically, i stay away from most things deemed retro, but it’s hard to deny leon’s sam cooke-esque vocals and easy flowing lyrics.  it has a place in my rotation for the rest of the summer.  not sure how long the shelf life will be, but it’s the kind of record you can put while you grill out with your girl or even your parents.  oh, and dude’s a solid dresser too.  look at them high-waisted slacks.

seinfeldseinfeld is now streaming on hulu.  the whole f’ing series is there.  as someone who has not seen every episode, i am elated.  my goal is to watch it from start to finish.  dream big, cooper.  dream big.

ex machina

ex machina is now available to buy on itunes.  i haven’t seen it, but i’m going to go ahead and tell you it’s good.  it’s 91% on rotten tomatoes and stars oscar isaac from inside llewyn davis (which i highly recommend if you haven’t seen).  it’s about the perils of artificial intelligence which is why we probably need to refrain from trying to build robots with souls.  am i right?

new balance crt300

nbcrt2015i don’t play tennis, but that doesn’t matter, because these kicks are fire.  i’m a big fan of new balance court classics and these are another stellar collaboration with j. crew (obviously).  i really don’t need any more summer kicks, but why the hell not?  it’s always good to have options.  get your own right here before they sell out.  they’re going quickly.