buying a barbour


believe it or not i have not mentioned the word “barbour” on here since 2011.  that’s gotta be a joke, right?  i love this brand.  surely, it must have come up at some point.  a quick search tells me it hasn’t.  hmm…i digress.

with the temperature now dropping, it’s slowly becoming barbour season i.e. time to dust off the ol’ bedale and liddesdale.  (i had an international, but recently unloaded it because the tagged size wasn’t the same as the actual jacket size.  took me a year to figure it out.  always check the size on the label even if it’s hidden in a tiny pocket.)  if you’re new to barbour and like your clothes to fit, the sizing can be a bit of a headache.  for my personal sizing tips, click on the next page and i will walk you carefully through this difficult process.  



if you’re a 38 jacket size, get a 36 in a bedale.  if you’re a 38-40 and want a liddesdale and you look to barbour’s sizing guide, they’re going to tell you to get a small.  don’t do it.  get an extra small.  if it’s a little tight, who cares.  it should fit rather than make you look like you’ve stolen 16 rolls of toilet paper from the grocery store.

for reference, i’m 5’9″ and weigh somewhere between 165-170 lbs.  i sized down.  my dad and your parents would probably tell you to get your exact jacket size because of “layering.”  again, don’t do it.  if you plan on wearing 12 sweaters, a bullet proof vest, and another jacket under there, then by all means stick to your jacket size.  i like things to fit and sizing down does the trick with the classic barbour jackets.  trust me on this one.  which of these two would you rather look like?  i thought so.



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