j. crew suiting


hello.  how are you?  it’s been a minute since i posted something on here.  i am truly sorry.  i wish i could promise more posts on the reg, but 2016 has proven to be a crazy year.  for example, i met an amazing girl, my company was bought by another company, i’m getting a new dog, i lost 20 lbs…and a billion of other things that you’re probably not overly concerned with.  one thing that i’ve done that might pique your interest is update my suiting game at the request of the wonderful woman i am dating.

when i first met alex, i was repping a couple a couple of brooks brothers suits that i’ll admit i thought looked pretty good.  they were tailored albeit a little loose after the weight drop, but again i didn’t think they looked that bad.  i was wrong.  we met for lunch one day and while going to grab us water i turned around to find her staring at me.  without saying these exact words, she pretty much said, “that thing looks horrid and i will never eat lunch with you again if you continue to wear suits like that.”  point taken.  it was time to get a new suit.  

i’ve been wearing brooks brothers for as long as i’ve been in banking.  my dad bought me my first suit there and i continued to buy from there because it was comfortable, easy and everyone knew me in the store.  that would have been great if i worked on wall street in 1982, but no this is 2016 and i needed to try something new.  enter j. crew.  they’ve been advertising the hell out of their suiting for the last several years, so i gave it shot.

i bought my suit online.  nashville now has a men’s store which is awesome, but their mall store is not great.  (i can never get any help in there.)  i was very nervous, but their stuff fits me perfectly in everything else so why not.  guess what?  it fit perfectly when it arrived.  the 38 regular coat needed a slight alteration in the back to remove the excess fabric bunching and the 31/30 pants needed to be shortened a bit because i don’t like a lot of break.  total cost of alterations $45 at stitch it which is the greatest alterations place in nashville.  do not go anywhere else.

since this was my first suit with j. crew (and because it’s spring / summer), i went with the italian chino in admiral blue.  (and also the chino suits are priced less than their wool cousins.  i didn’t want to make too expensive of a mistake if it turned out to be one.)  here are my quick notes:  the quality is top notch.  the modern fit of the ludlow cut is perfect for a slimmer look.  the lapels are narrower than i am accustomed to, but to be honest doesn’t bother me at all.  and the admiral blue color stands out amongst a sea of dark navy and gray suits.  i give j. crew’s suiting an a+.  i liked my suit so much i bought another one 2 weeks later.

goodbye brooks brothers and dirty diaper looking suit pants.  i’ll never go that route again.  the look in alex’s face that day i grabbed us water would have haunted me forever if i didn’t make a change.

i don’t post many pictures of myself, but here’s one i took before i went to the acm awards that i sent to alex.  not sure where that smug look came from.  i’ll do so much less if i ever decide to take another selfie and post it on the internet.


  1. Killing it, my dude.

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